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  • 3M Premium MV Indoor Cold Shrink Termination Fully Integrated Lug Seal

    April 30, 2014
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    • Born out of our unparalleled experience in the development of Cold Shrink technology, this fully integrated premium cable termination offers the greatest simplicity and flexibility in our range. Our premium termination covers a wide range of cable sizes and types as well as accommodating voltages up to 69kV. Shorter installation length enables this product to fit into a wide range of boxes and fewer installation steps mean there is less room for jointer error.

      To install, the earthing braid is positioned and fixed in place with a constant force spring. A layer of Scotch®- Seal 5313 mastic is applied around the cable inner bedding before the braid is pushed into the mastic and secured by a copper binder.

      Scotch®™ 13 tape is used to over tape the constant force spring. Ensuring it is applied in the same direction as the constant force spring. A second layer of Scotch-Seal 5313 Mastic is then applied over the braid before being overtaped by a layer of PVC tape to avoid the spiral core on the termination body from snagging. The cable sheath is stripped and then the lug installed. 3M™ cable cleaning wipes are then used to remove dirt and grease from the cable and connector. The red support core is then removed by standing on the petruding red core to ensure a safe removal.

      Position and install the premium termination body. These products are cold applied and therefore quicker, easier and safer to install than heat shrink alternatives, and they are also ideal where hot work permits are difficult to obtain. The fully integrated system means that there is no need for a moisture sealing tape to be applied to the Lug or a stress control material to the Semi conductive screen.