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  • 3M Standard MV Indoor Cold Shrink Termination - Part Integrated

    April 23, 2014
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    • 3M’s part integrated Cold Shrink termination is part of our standard range. It offers a viable cost-based alternative to heat shrink cable terminating technology. Additional process steps to our premium range mean that comparative time savings are less, but still a marked difference to competitive heat shrink options, specifically in outdoor applications. Requiring no heat or specialist tools at the job site means our kits are easier to use in enclosed areas and make for overall improved health and safety profile. This range covers many of the most common cable configurations and size ranges unique to the UK market.

      To install, the earthing braid is positioned and fixed in place with a constant force spring. A layer of Scotch- Seal 5313 mastic is applied around the cable inner bedding before the braid is pushed into the mastic and secured by a copper binder. Scotch®™ 13 tape is used to over tape the constant force springs. Ensuring it is applied in the same direction as the constant force spring. A second layer of Scotch®-Seal 5313 Mastic is then applied over the braid before being overtaped by a layer of PVC tape to avoid the spiral core snagging on the termination body during installation.

      The cable sheath is stripped and then the lug installed. 3M™ cable cleaning wipes are then used to remove dirt and grease from the cable and connector. A layer of Scotch®™ 70 Silicon tape is applied over the Lug barrel and primary insulation to moisture seal the lug. Silicone grease is then applied over the semi conductive screen and XLPE insulation. Position and install the termination body. These products are cold applied and therefore quicker, easier and safer to install than heat shrink alternatives, and they are also ideal where hot work permits are difficult to obtain. A second layer of Scotch® 70 Silicon tape is then applied over the barrel of the lug to moisture seal the lug and termination body.