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Session Catalogue

Session Catalogue

Explore our session catalogue with topics covering
Esthetics & Efficiency, 3M E-xcellere Business and local events for orthodontists.


Discover our session catalogue through different lenses:

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    Esthetics & Efficiency

    Our Esthetics & Efficiency events will introduce you to the latest technologies and techniques in orthodontics. Expand your knowledge through clinical cases as well as personal experiences from world renowned orthodontic experts.


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    3M E-xcellere Business

    From accounting, to neuromarketing and patient management, you’ll discover new ways to increase your knowledge in topics that will help you to run your orthodontics office & business successfully.


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    Local events

    While many sessions are translated live to multiple European languages we also offer local events with trusted experts from within your country.

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Stay updated on upcoming events.  SUBSCRIBE NOW

Stay updated on upcoming events.

Questions & Answers

Our frequently asked questions (FAQ) sections may help to answer some common questions we get asked about E-xcellere events.

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