• David Moreno 3M speaker

    Achieve successful, sustainable practice growth in orthodontics by David Moreno

      As patient choices for orthodontic treatment increases, it is important for a practice to take active steps toward achieving growth. While quality results are always an important part of a successful practice, the treatment experience is another factor that patients consider when deciding on an orthodontist, including esthetics and time. This presentation will review factors that contribute to three key stages in building patient volume: the influence of referrals, of esthetic appliances, and of efficient appointments. While each factor requires some focus and investment on the part of the practice, when brought together, the effort can contribute to practice growth that can be managed with efficiency. With effort placed on the experience as well as the result, a practice can introduce reasons to be the favorite choice for orthodontic treatment.

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Achieve successful, sustainable practice growth in orthodontics

David Moreno


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