1. Basic Tower Climber and Rescue Revalidation (MATS Approved)
3M Safety Training: Fall Protection
  • Basic Tower Climber and Rescue Revalidation (MATS Approved)

    This is a revalidation course for those who work on towers and masts in the telecommunications industry, it will focus on the key information and knowledge required to work safely at height. Training covers the key characteristics, limitations and correct use of personal fall protection equipment (PFPE), how to climb fixed ladders using a range of fixed fall arrest systems, how to climb open steelwork using lanyards and fall ropes. The course also refreshes those attending with the skills required to attempt the rescue of an injured workmate stranded on a mast or tower. Regarding rescue, the training covers key characteristics of equipment, limitations of the equipment and how to use dedicated abseil rescue equipment commonly found in the telecommunications industry. The course can be tailored to your rescue/abseil descent equipment.

    Course ID: TC4

    Ratio: 6 students to 1 instructor
    Duration: 1 day



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    Delegates must have an in-date Basic Tower Climber & Rescue Course certificate (Basic/Advanced Climber & Tower Rescue), a self-declaration of fitness and completion of all aspects of the training is required.

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    Who Should Attend

    This course is aimed at people who wish to re-certificate in basic tower climber and rescue.

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    Course Objectives & Content

    Underpinning Knowledge of:
    - Health and safety legislation and standards
    - Assessment of hazards and risks
    - PFPE fitting, characteristics, inspection and care
    - Restraint, positioning and fall arrest techniques
    - Anchor point selection and checking
    - Awareness of fixed fall arrest systems
    - Practical climbing with fall ropes, and SRL’s
    - Tie all knots demonstrated during the course (bowline, clove hitch, figure of eight)
    - Dealing with syncope (before and after effects)
    - Rescue hierarchy
    - Rescue equipment fitting, characteristics, limitations, inspection, use and care
    - Remote lowering of a casualty
    - Demonstrate a `Snatch’ or `Pick-off’ rescue
    - Use of tension pilot wires (cable ways)

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    The successful delegate will receive a certificate valid for 1 year.

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    Health and safety at work act 1974
    Working at height regulations 2005
    BS 8437 COP for the selection, use and maintenance of fall protection systems and equipment for use in the work place
    BS 8454 COP for delivery of training and education for work at height and rescue

    Basic Tower Climber and Rescue Revalidation (MATS Approved)