• GWO Working at Height & Rescue

    The GWO Work at Height and Rescue module is designed to provide wind industry personnel, with the basic skills that will enable them to work safely at height and respond effectively to emergencies. It is designed for personnel working in either the onshore or offshore wind sectors.

    Course ID: GWO1

    Ratio: 4 students to 1 instructor
    Duration: 2 days



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    All personnel participating in basic safety training shall be medically fit and capable of fully participating.

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    Who Should Attend

    Personnel who are new to the global wind industry or require GWO qualification for site access. This course is suitable for both onshore and offshore access requirements in conjunction with supplementary GWO BST training modules.

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    Course Objectives & Content

    The aim of this course is to give the participants the necessary basic knowledge and skills through theoretical and practical training to use PFPE, with basic skills that will enable them to work safely at height and respond effectively to emergencies in remote wind turbine environments and in accordance with the GWO BST standard.
    The objectives of the BST Working at Heights module are to ensure that delegates are able to demonstrate:
    - Knowledge of hazards and risks associated with working at height specific to the wind industry
    - Understanding of current national WAH legislation for their area of operation
    - Correct identification and pre-use inspection of PFPE, e.g. FP Harness, hard hat, lanyards etc.
    - Correct use of PFPE including identification of approved anchor points and climbing vertical ladders
    - Correct response to emergencies and appropriate use of rescue and evacuation equipment

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    This course represents one module of the overall GWO BST syllabus. Certificate is valid for 2 years. We recommend that rescue procedures are regularly practiced. For further information please contact 3M Safety Training.

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    Health and safety at work act 1974
    GWO training Standards
    The Working at Height Regulations 2005
    (UK – or equivalent regional legislation)
    BS 8437 CoP for the selection, use and maintenance of fall protection systems and equipment
    BS 8454 CoP for delivery of training for work at height

    GWO Working at Height & Rescue