Barrel Char Removal / Particulate Reduction in Distilled Spirits Manufacturing

Barrel char removal and particulate reduction for distilleries

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Barrel char removal and particulate reduction for distilled spirit applications

  • Your finely distilled spirit is a product of history, tradition and pride. Contaminants can detract from the appearance, taste, and perceived value of the finished product. In many beverages, commonly with whisky, the barrel the spirit is matured in is charred on the inside. This helps maturation as the carbon in the ash acts as a filter for the harsher elements of the spirit; as well as creating flavour compounds such as vanillin, tannins and spices. However, this can lead to particulates in the spirit, so it’s vital to include barrel char removal in your process to ensure a quality product. 3M filtration solutions are designed to help ensure any visible particles or fibres in your spirits are cleared prior to bottling, these can be caused by process contamination, carbon treatment as well as barrel aging.

3M barrel char removal and particulate reduction products for distilled spirits production

  • For the purest spirits, replace your bag filters with 3M™ DF series filter cartridges. The DF series filter has a true graded porosity media structure for efficient contaminant capture and long service life.

  • 3M™ High Flow systems are a highly efficient absolute rated filtration option to remove heavy charring and other solids in higher volumes at the tanker loading stage, helping reduce costs in bottling halls.

  • MicroKlean™ RT series filters are all-polypropylene rigid depth filter cartridges with retrofit capabilities. Occupying a grooved surface to promote fuller utilisation of the depth matrix and prolong filter life.

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Contact us if you need product, technical or application advice about how our products can help remove carbon fines and barrel char from your distilled spirits process. 3M has a global support network of market focused scientists and engineers that excel in assisting collaborative efforts between our customers and 3M.

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