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Trap filtration for breweries

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Trap filtration and yeast reduction for beer applications

  • Trap filtration does exactly as it says – it traps extraneous diatomaceous earth (D.E.) in a filter media, and any yeast that randomly passes through the D.E. filter during normal operation. It also provides vital downstream protection should the D.E. filter malfunction, resulting in difficult to flush contaminants in equipment and piping.

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3M Trap filtration products for beer production

  • These all-polypropylene, absolute rated pleated filters utlilise our advanced pleat technology to provide greater surface area, and higher flow rates compared to a conventional depth filter. This means that they have a vastly superior on-stream life providing more cost-effective filtration than standard melt blown filters.

  • High flow capability, small footprint. In addition to process water, High Flow absolute rated filter cartridges also have a large fine and yeast holding capacity, enabling them to work effectively in the trap filtration process.

  • Betapure NT-T filters provide the consistency of absolute rated filtration, as well as excellent D.E. fine holding capacity required for a brewery application. Betapure series filters are extremely durable and withstand multiple hot water sanitisation cycles and backwashing.

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Contact us if you need product, technical or application advice about how our products can help you remove undesrieable yeats and protect against D.E. filter malfunction. 3M has a global support network of market focused scientists and engineers that excel in assisting collaborative efforts between our customers and 3M.