Chill Haze Removal  / Clarification in Distilled Spirits Filtration

Chill haze removal and clarification for distilleries

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Chill haze removal and clarification for distilled spirit applications

  • The same barrels that give that great taste to whisky, brandy and rum can also be responsible for a hazy appearance. Our lenticular-style depth filter cartridges provide turbidity reduction – by removing long-chain fatty acids that can give spirits a hazy appearance at lower temperatures; whilst helping to eliminate spirit leakage, reducing alcohol fume emission.
    3M™ Zeta Plus™ Series Filters offer zero leakage compared to a filter press. They’re easy to use, take up less floor space, and deliver quicker filter changeouts than a traditional filter press which can result in lower labour costs.

3M chill haze removal and clarification products for distilled spirits production

  • Haze control starts with Zeta Plus™ HT Series Filter Cartridges. Advanced filter media helps efficiently remove particles during high-temperature operation or sanitation cycles for results you can see in every bottle.

  • Use Zeta Plus™ MHT Series dual-zone depth filters for better contamination containment and long life. Its design traps large particles in the upper zone and small contaminants, such as yeast and bacteria, in the lower zone for a clearer, cleaner spirit.

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Contact us if you need product, technical or application advice about how our products can help remove chill haze in order to produce a crystal clear spirit. 3M has a global support network of market focused scientists and engineers that excel in assisting collaborative efforts between our customers and 3M.

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