Water filtration for enhanced quality wine

Water pre-treatment for wineries


Water pre-treatment for winemaking applications

  • From the perfect terrior to climate-controlled storage, you are driven to produce the best tasting wine possible. 3M filtration and gas management products can help you by providing clean and deoxygenated water for your tank, washing and rinsing, flushing, warm water regenerating, and hot-water sanitising. With 3M filtration and gas management products, you can reduce small particles and microorganisms from prematurely fouling your wine filters, reduce dissolved oxygen levels to increase the stability of your wine, and get closer to your goal of a perfectly finished product.

3M Water filtration products for winemaking

  • The water you use for washing, flushing and sanitising also affects the wine you make. The 3M™ DF series filter cartridge helps remove water contaminants whilst providing long service life and resisting rupture and reducing the cost of frequent filter changeouts.

  • LifeASSURE™ BLA Series Filter Cartridges are ideal for filtering the water used in the winemaking process. Incorporating 3M's multi-zone microporous membrane technology, the BLA cartridge captures large particles and retains smaller contaminants, offering a large holding capacity and long service life.

  • For when demand dictates the need for large amounts of water, absolute rated 3M™ High Flow Filter Cartridges offer high dirt holding capacity and minimise filter change-outs by accommodating flow rates of up to 113m³/hr in a compact footprint.

3M Gas management products for winemaking

  • 3M™ Liqui-Cel™ EXF Series Membrane Contactor

    Liqui-Cel™ EXF (Extra-flow) Membrane Contactors adopt a microporous hollow fibre membrane that operates over a wide range of flow rates and has a fast equilibrium for a quick-start up. The EXF Series makes use of a centre baffle to improve oxygen removal efficiency by maximising contact with the membrane surface area. They’re ideal for deaerated water requirements.


Ask a 3M Expert

Contact us if you need product, technical or application advice about how our products can help you utilise gas management and filtration, to maximise the eficiency and quality of the water within your winemaking process. 3M has a global support network of market focused scientists and engineers that excel in assisting collaborative efforts between our customers and 3M.


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