Wine clarification and microfiltration applications

Clarification for wineries


Clarification for winemaking applications

  • Rough, polishing and ultrafine clarification steps remove any carry over of dead yeast cells from the fining stage along with any un-desirable tannins and proteins. The clarification process helps create a clear, haze free wine before being tanker loaded, off-loaded or stored.

3M clarification products for winemaking

  • Go the extra mile to protect your wine from stray particulate and hazes during tanker loading or off-loading. 3M™ High Flow filter cartridges combine high solid loading and absolute particle retention with flow rates of up to 113m³/hr.
    High Flow filter cartridges also offer an ideal pre-filtration solution to 3M™ Zeta Plus™ Filter Cartridges.

  • Filter your wine with Zeta Plus™ HT Series Filter Cartridges to efficiently remove particles while limiting wine loss and oxygen pick-up. Our charged-modified filter media catches contaminants too small for mechanical straining alone.

  • Protect your wine with Zeta Plus™ MHT Series dual-zone depth filters. Our dual-zone filter design reduces large and small contaminants with reduced cartridge filtered changes.

Ask a 3M Expert

Contact us if you need product, technical or application advice about how our products can help you create a clear and haze fee wine by removing undesireable contaminants. 3M has a global support network of market focused scientists and engineers that excel in assisting collaborative efforts between our customers and 3M.

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