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Food Safety

How to feed the world and make it a better place?

Though it may look the same, the food on our plates today arrives there by taking a markedly different journey compared to a generation ago. Experts estimate that when it comes to thwarting food-related illnesses and injuries, more change has occurred in the past ten years than the previous thirty.

How has 3M changed food safety?

3M is a leader in innovative solutions that help the food and beverage industries optimise the quality of their products to enable consumer protection. At every step, 3M provides solutions that help mitigate risk, improve operational efficiencies and impact the bottom line. While consumers will always want to remain vigilant about the safety and quality of the food they eat, they can rest a little easier knowing that lots of positive change and strong science are at work to safeguard the system.


  • 3M develops, manufactures and markets products that cover a broad spectrum of food and beverage testing.

  • 3M provides several solutions for your environmental testing needs.

  • 3M offers solutions for worker safety in the food safety industry.

  • Designed to protect. Built for the dairy processing industry. Tailored for your business.

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