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To truly help protect your company and consumers, you need precise, reliable, consistent information, quickly. Trust 3M for an end-to-end portfolio of solutions for environmental monitoring and food safety testing that combine simplicity of use with cutting-edge technology for fast, accurate results.

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  • 3M™ Petrifilm™ Plates

    Free up your lab to focus on quality and efficiency.

    • Ready to use - no media prep required
    • Validated and accurate testing
    • Simple workflow - inoculate, incubate, interpret

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  • 3M™ Petrifilm™ Plate Reader Advanced

    Fast and accurate colony counting.

    • Save counting time—reader enumerates plates in 6 seconds or less
    • Drive accuracy with reduced risk of human error
    • Software simplifies results storage and offers data analytics

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  • 3M™ Molecular Detection System

    Accurate and reliable pathogen testing.

    • Ready-to-use assays
    • Single post-enrichment protocol for all pathogens
    • Same or next day results for most matrices

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  • 3M™ Clean-Trace™ Hygiene Monitoring &
    Management System

    Simply and quickly verify cleaning effectiveness.

    • Accurate and consistent results
    • Fast time to result
    • Designed to deliver high-quality performance

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  • 3M™ Sample Collection, Preparation & Processing

    Better samples create better results.

    • Standardise your sampling procedure and drive consistency
    • High-quality materials for more effective collection
    • Designed for efficiency and ease of use for faster sampling

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  • 3M™ Allergen Testing

    Qualitative, rapid, lateral-flow and quantitative ELISA immunoassays.

    • Tests processed or unprocessed foods
    • Lateral flow hook line fail-safe feature
    • Versatility across sample types 

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Featured food safety products

We're committed to innovation and our research and development process starts with you. 3M solutions are designed to improve your food safety testing processes, so we listen, watch, and learn from you to create products that really work for you.

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    The importance of environmental monitoring

    Addressing smaller issues, before they become big problems.

    We’re experiencing a shift in food safety and quality strategies. Traditional food testing focuses on raw materials and finished product. Today, environmental monitoring offers a more preventive approach. By expanding the testing to the entire food processing environment, you can identify and correct potential issues before they lead to a major problem or recall.

Free environmental monitoring handbook

Your comprehensive resource for environmental monitoring in the food and beverage industries. Created for food safety professionals, and developed in partnership with Cornell University and other industry experts, our in-depth 122 page handbook will give you useful guidance on building and implementing a holistic environmental monitoring program.

Build your holistic program for environmental monitoring

Build your holistic program for environmental monitoring

Explore our in-depth 122 page handbook covering the following topics:

  • Hygiene and allergen monitoring
  • Indicator organisms, Pathogen testing, Spoilage organisms
  • Environmental sampling guidance

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  • Environmental monitoring webinar
  • Deepen your learning on Environmental Monitoring

    Starting with the importance of environmental monitoring and moving through to root-cause analysis and continuous improvement, join Dr. Martin Wiedmann of Cornell University for a 5-part learning journey designed to step through levels of content from beginner to advanced learning.

    Free on-demand webinar (58min)
    Part 1: Importance of Environmental Monitoring Programs

    Continue learning and access parts 2 to 5

Driving lab efficiency

Driving lab efficiency

For food testing labs, working more efficiently can be the key to success.
3M food safety testing products can streamline your workflow, increase your throughput and improve your time to result.

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Validations and Recognitions

Global experience. Local support.

Global experience. Local support.

Protecting the world’s food supply is a big responsibility — but you don’t have to do it alone. We’ve got people to support you locally by providing technical expertise and exceptional service. It’s our job to help you mitigate risk and improve operations — every lot, every shift, every day.

  • 3M offers a broad range of products - from separation, filtration & purification products to personal protective equipment, surface & floor cleaning products to durable label and packaging solutions - that support food and beverage manufacturers. Take a look at how 3M can support you. (PDF 6MB)

  • Learn more about the science of food safety. Free webinars and resources that help you deepen your expertise and improve food safety and quality in your business – anytime, from anywhere.

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