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Food testing laboratories are constantly looking for ways to increase speed, improve quality and reduce costs. 3M solutions are designed to help labs work more efficiently, with simpler, streamlined workflows that deliver consistent, accurate results, fast.

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    The food safety clock is always ticking...

    As a lab professional, you’re under pressure: a heavy workload, complex regulations and procedures to follow, racing to deliver faster results. How can your lab increase its throughput while controlling costs, yet still maintaining accurate results and the highest standards?

Let’s talk efficiency

3M food safety testing solutions have been designed to help you get more from your lab. Our simplified, streamlined workflows are configured for ease of use, and will help your team work smarter and faster. As your food safety partner, we’re here to help you maximise your lab’s efficiency and stay one step ahead of the clock.

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    3M solutions and products have been internationally recognised and validated for their methods and innovation. Third-party validations confirm that the method has been scrutinised to prove that it is reliable, repeatable and has performed equal to or better than the reference method to which it was compared.

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    Consistency and accuracy

    Results you can trust.
    Our optimised lab solutions have fewer variables and less opportunity for things to go wrong. That means accurate, repeatable results, time after time. And peace of mind for you.

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    Sustainability is an increasingly important goal for companies all over the world and 3M has solutions that can help companies meet sustainability targets whilst supporting their business goals. A prime example is 3M™ Petrifilm™ count plates that help customers reduce waste, cut greenhouse gas emissions, save energy and consume less water, while helping to streamline, standardise and simplify microbial indicator testing.

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    Hit the ground running

    Get a head start on prep.
    Many of our components are ready to use out of the box,
    colour coded and pre-measured, saving time and reducing risk of error. You’ve got more important things to do with your time.

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    Streamline your workflow

    Sometimes it’s as easy as 1,2,3.
    Our protocols and procedures have been designed for simplicity, with as few steps as possible and less room for error. Our systems are compact, so they take up less bench space. Because the faster you can work, the quicker your time to result.

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    Higher testing volume

    Maximum capacity, minimum effort.
    Our solutions enable you to run multiple tests simultaneously. And our innovative automated plate reader delivers accurate plate counts in just 6 seconds. Achieve a higher throughput, without adding significant extra work.

Our food safety solutions for laboratory testing

  • 3M™ Petrifilm™ Plates

    Free up your lab to focus on quality and efficiency.

    • Ready to use - no media prep required
    • Validated and accurate testing
    • Simple workflow - inoculate, incubate, interpret

    Find out more

  • 3M™ Petrifilm™ Plate Reader Advanced

    Fast and accurate colony counting.

    • Save counting time—reader enumerates plates in 6 seconds or less
    • Drive accuracy with reduced risk of human error
    • Software simplifies results storage and offers data analytics

    Find out more

  • 3M™ Molecular Detection System

    Accurate and reliable pathogen testing process.

    • Ready-to-use assays
    • Single post-enrichment protocol for all pathogens
    • Same- or next-day results for most matrices

    Find out more

  • 3M™ ELISA allergen testing kits

    Comprehensive, accurate validation for total confidence.

    • Accurate detection of processed and unprocessed target allergen proteins
    • Comprehensive portfolio of 20 ELISA assays
    • Use for clean-in-place (CIP) final rinse water, environmental swab samples, food ingredients and processed food products

    Find out more

Learn from industry experts

  • Francisco Diez

    Considerdations to select a microbiology test

    Hear from Francisco Diez, Professor and Director of the Centre for Food Safety, Georgia University on what considerations companies should make when selecting a microbiology test.
    Video (4:12)

  • Fernando Sampedro

    Cost effective process controls & tools

    Fernando Sampedro, Associate Professor, Center for Animal Health and Food Safety, College for Veterinary Medicine, University of Minnesota shares his thoughts on why cost-effective process controls and tools are important to the food industry.
    Video (0:57)

  • Melanie Neumann-Cherney

    Food testing laboratory changes

    Melanie Neumann-Cherney, J.D., M.S., President, Neumann Risk Services discusses how food companies need to challenge their current practices to respond to changes in food safety regulations.
    Video (2:40)

A closer look at ways to make improvements in your lab

  • Key Elements to Improving Your Laboratory’s Productivity webinar


  • Key Elements to Improving Your Laboratory’s Productivity

    Join Brad Stawick, President and Technical Director at Stawick Laboratory Management, and Alec Teagarden from 3M Food Safety, for a discussion on ways that food laboratories can improve productivity and efficiency

    Free on-demand webinar (60 min)

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