Rapid lateral flow tests for allergens

Streamline your process and simplify your allergen testing with our lateral flow devices for specific allergen detection.
These tests offer qualitative immunochromatographic assays for rapid in-plant monitoring, to help you detect processed and unprocessed allergen proteins quickly and accurately.

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Detect allergens in minutes, and keep the line running

3M™ Allergen Protein Rapid Tests


Complex testing, made simple

Our rapid lateral flow allergen tests are designed for fast, accurate in-plant testing, enabling continual qualitative verification of your cleaning processes.

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    Fast results put you in control

    Getting results in minutes gives you time to take immediate corrective action, before a small issue becomes a bigger one.

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    Hook line assurance for more confidence
    Our signature hook line feature can alert you of a possible false negative caused by high amounts of target protein in a sample. So if you’ve accidently overloaded, you’ll know.
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    Ease of use means less risk of error
    Simplified procedure means less training and fewer mistakes, and peace of mind for you.
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    Versatile enough to handle what you need

    Test solid and liquid samples of processed and unprocessed proteins with a simple testing set-up. It just works.

Rapid lateral flow tests for allergens

Each kit contains:

  • 3M Lateral Flow Devices X 25
  • 3M Extraction Buffer
  • 3M Dilution Tubes X 26

Fast allergen detection results in three easy steps

Test multiple sample types including environmental swabs, CIP final rinse water, raw ingredients and finished food products.

  • Sample preparation and extraction
    Sample preparation and extraction

    Place the directed volume of 3M Extraction Buffer (according to sample type) into the dilution tube with the prepared sample and shake for 15 seconds.

  • perform the test
    Perform the test
    Pipette 100µl of the extracted sample on to the 3M™ Allergen Protein Rapid test.
  • read the result
    Read the result
    The result of the test is read at 11 minutes, with positive results displayed as early as 5 minutes. Allowing for any corrective actions to be taken quickly.

How-to Videos for 3M Allergen Protein Rapid Tests

See how versatile our 3M Allergen Protein Rapid tests are with this collection of videos. Each recording demonstrates how to use the tests with a different sample type.
Plus, there is a short video to explain how to interpret the results.

  • Environmental Swab Protocol
    Environmental Swab Protocol (4:27)
  • CIP protocol
    CIP Protocol (3:13)
  • Solid food protocol
    Solid Food Protocol (3:34)
  • Liquid food protocol
    Liquid Food Protocol (3:40)
  • Liquid Chocolate Protocol
    Liquid Chocolate Protocol (4:33)
  • Interpretation of results
    Interpretation of Results (3:55)

13 allergens in just 11 minutes - Lateral flow rapid tests:

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Backed by experts

You need testing you can trust. We are partnering with international organisations like the AOAC® Research Institute to validate 3M Allergen Testing products.

3M Allergen Protein Rapid tests validations:

A closer look at food allergen testing

  • Read about methods for the validation, verification and monitoring of standard operating procedures for general cleaning and cleaning for the removal of allergens. Steps that are of critical importance to ensure established procedures are effective and working as intended.

  • 3M can support you with allergen and sanitation control solutions for use throughout your manufacturing process. Take a look at this summary map for a simple reflection on which products could align to different steps in your process.

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Support you can count on

Protecting the world’s food supply is a big responsibility — but we’re here to help. We’ve got people to support you locally with technical advice, software support, and exceptional service.

From purchase, through to installation and ongoing support, we’ll help you mitigate risk and improve operations — every batch, every shift, every day.

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3M Allergen Protein Rapid Tests

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