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The Importance of Environmental Monitoring

  • The impact of major recalls, increased consumer awareness, changing regulations and international standards is driving a shift in food safety and quality strategies. While the focus of food testing has traditionally been on raw materials and finished product, a preventive approach through testing the food processing environment can help identify and correct potential issues before they lead to a major problem or recall.

    Developed in partnership with Cornell University and other industry experts, there is now a comprehensive resource for environmental monitoring in the food and beverage industries. Based on industry practice and a scientific approach, this handbook provides guidance on building and implementing a holistic environmental monitoring program.

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  • Martin Wiedmann of Cornell University webinar series on Environmental Monitoring

    Effective environmental monitoring programs can help to reduce risk of recalls, extend product shelf life, streamline production and increase customer satisfaction. Join Dr. Martin Wiedmann of Cornell University for a 5-part environmental monitoring learning pathway designed to step through levels of content from beginner, to intermediate and advanced.

    These courses are beneficial for companies starting to implement environmental monitoring programs, companies working through implementation and its challenges, as well as companies who have an existing program and are looking for ways to enhance it.

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