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  • Tools to turn one-time customers into regulars.

    Beyond fantastic food – consistently high-quality beverages can help to separate your business from the competition. 3M supports your operations with a variety of solutions that meet the high standards you and your customers expect. Discover advanced water filtration systems that cater for a variety of flow rates and lifetime requirements, regardless of local mains water quality. For over 40 years, 3M has been an innovator in filtration and separation, acting as a key fluid filtration solutions provider to many businesses operating within the foodservice industry.

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Featured Food Service Products

  • 3M™ ScaleGard™ Blend Series

    Announcing an exciting breakthrough in water filtration technology for the food service industry! An innovative, powerful system that combines chloramine reduction water filtration systems with the ability to monitor filter capacity and control water quality at your fingertips.

    Easy-to-operate, adjustable dial for precision blending.

    Custom water quality you control: the operator simply dials the desired level of total dissolved solids for Recipe Quality Water™. The system even remembers previous blend settings when replacing cartridges.

    Just the right total dissolved solids for Recipe Quality Water

    • Hard scale and corrosion protection control
    • Product consistency and taste
    • Reduced maintenance and kitchen equipment downtime
  • Water-filter-cartridge-hf90-s-cfop

    3M™ HF Series of Products for post mix and ice machines.

    From convenience stores and restaurants to quick serve operations, the beverage machine is often the most profitable part of the business. With post mix consisting of approximately 83% water, the 3M™ HF Bev series of products are designed to provide consistent quality carbonated and non-carbonated beverages and reduce unscheduled service calls in post-mix systems.

    An estimated 70% of ice machine equipment failures are water related. The 3M™ HF Ice series of products help to reduce unscheduled service calls associated with corrosion, sediment and scale build up in commercial cubers and flakers, whilst producing clear ice every time.

    • Reduction of chlorine within cold beverages and ice
    • Equipment protection reducing unscheduled service calls
    • Longer cartridge life
    • Higher throughputs
    • Reduce pressure drop

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