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Simplifying VLU management Watch the animated video.

Support for your Patients.

A short and easy-to-digest video aimed at VLU patients and carers. Includes an introduction to VLUs and how they can be treated.

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  • Improve clinical and cost effectiveness in venous leg ulcer treatment

    The Health Information Network (THIN) database contains information on more than 11 million patients from 562 primary care practices across the UK and has been shown to be representative of the UK population in terms of demographics and disease distribution. This real-life study assessed clinical outcomes and cost-effectiveness of three compression systems (3M™ Coban™ 2 Layer Compression System, *UrgoKTwo™ and **Profore™) in treating newly diagnosed VLUs in the UK, from the perspective of the NHS.

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  • Key findings3

    Real world evidence over a 6-month evaluation demonstrates that treating newly-diagnosed VLUs with Coban 2 compared with UrgoKTwo™ and Profore™:

    • Affords a more cost-effective use of NHS-funded resources in clinical practice

    • Results in an increased healing rate

    • Improves ‘health related quality of life’ score

    • Reduces NHS management costs

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*UrgoKTwo is a trademark of Urgo Ltd
**Profore is a trademark of Smith & Nephew Ltd


Authors of the Consensus Document


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