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Creating time to care. Improving data quality. Driving value-based care

Data is the foundation of everything we do within 3M Health Information Systems. We enhance healthcare data so it becomes the fuel for the engine that drives system change and performance improvement. We have the expertise to support multiple terminologies classification schemes and languages. Operating in over 200 countries, we work with more than 10,000 clients.

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  • We are committed to reducing the administrative burden of technology and empowering clinicians in all settings to easily document the full patient story, ultimately creating more time to care.


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  • 3M provides healthcare performance measurement and management solutions, analysis and strategic services that help clients move from volume to value-based healthcare, securing financial reimbursement, improved provider performance and insights that support higher quality care.

    • Clinical Coding
    • Data Quality Analytics Solutions

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  • The 3M Clinical Risk Software groups data to risk adjust for each individual’s burden of illness. The 3M Clinical Risk Groups (CRGs) help relate the historical clinical and demographic characteristics of individuals to the amount and type of health care they have used recently and would be expected to use in the future.

    • 3M™ Clinical Risk Groups (CRGs)

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