Coding and Reimbursement
Improving clinical coding accuracy and driving appropriate financial reimbursements

Solutions for a changing healthcare landscape

Working with hospital providers, payers and government agencies to anticipate and navigate a fast changing healthcare landscape. 3M provides healthcare performance measurement and management solutions, analysis and strategic services that help clients move from volume to value-based healthcare, resulting in improved financial reimbursement rates, improved provider performance and insights that support higher quality care. 3M’s innovative software is designed to raise the bar for computer-assisted coding, clinical documentation improvement, performance monitoring, quality outcomes reporting and terminology management.

Featured Solutions

  • 3M™ Medicode™ Classification Encoder
    3M™ Medicode™ Classification Encoder

    The Medicode classification encoder upholds the UK Government's 2020 vision of a single clinical language for health by accepting Clinical Terms and cross-mapping to ICD10-5th edition in order to comply with WHO and UK national standards.
    The in-built prompts and flags support users to improve the accuracy and speed of the data captured; this ensures that all relevant activity is accurately recorded and ultimately, appropriately reimbursed.

  • 3M™ Medical History Assurance (MHA)
    3M™ Medical History Assurance (MHA)

    Designed to ensure the accurate recording of casemix by identifying relevant medical history. The MHA module fits seamlessly within the coding workflow and prompts the coder to further review patient records based upon the data previously recorded for that patient. This unique method of data capture reduces the incidence of data omission and inaccurate HRG thereby ensuring accurate reimbursement.

  • 3M™ Data Quality Analytics (DQA)
    3M™ Data Quality Analytics (DQA)

    Specifically designed to validate the assigned clinical coding and resultant HRG, the Data Quality Assurance module works within the Medicode encoder to ensure accurate reimbursement whilst presenting real-time actionable data via a dashboard which is available to the Trust Coding & Information management teams.

  • 3M™ Integrity Plus (IP) Auditing Solutions
    3M™ Integrity Plus (IP) Auditing Solutions

    Using the full NHS clinical coding audit methodology in line with NHS digital requirements, Integrity Plus auditing solution is designed to streamline the audit process by working within the Medicode encoder. The resultant improvements to auditor efficiency allows for a larger percentage of activity to be routinely validated.

  • 3M™ HRG Assistant (HRGa)
    3M™ HRG Assistant (HRGa)

    Real-time user prompts in HRGa direct the coder to consider additional information for the current episode of care. Trust income depends on the accuracy of the HRGs generated from the coded clinical data; HRGa works within the Medicode encoder to help the coder produce the most accurate coded data for every patient episode.

  • 3M™ Template Coding (TC)
    3M™ Template Coding (TC)

    Drive consistency of coding in your Trust with the TC module that not only increases coding capacity by speeding the input of the coded clinical data but also improves coding accuracy.

  • 3M™ Out-Patient Coding Module (OpC)
    3M™ Out-Patient Coding Module (OpC)

    This module enables consistency of coded clinical data irrespective of setting whilst the functionality allows Trust managed pick-lists to be used by non-coding staff.