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3M Home Improvement

From tapes and abrasives to safety products and hanging solutions, we've got your home renovation needs covered.


Home renovation and improvement solutions

Our home improvement solutions help you get the job done quickly and easily, with a full range of products to suit your needs whether you are a DIY decorator or a professional painter.

3M offers a wide range of DIY and home improvement solutions for all areas of the home, including tapes, abrasives, personal protective equipment (PPE) and more.

  • Our home DIY solutions include products from trusted 3M brands including Scotch® and Command™.

  • 3M is a leader in professional home improvement products with products and tools built to perform.

Hand pulling off ScotchBlue™ Masking tape from a wall
How to tape

Learn the basics of good masking in four easy steps and you'll become an expert in no time.

How you prep for painting will vary depending on the surface. We’ve created step-by- step guides for some of the most common taping techniques, so you can easily achieve professional-looking results at home.


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