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  • The best safety gear does more than protect — it propels. For decades, pro painters have trusted respiratory protection and protective eyewear from 3M to provide comfort that keeps them going and performance to keep up with the demand of the job.

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  • Use a painting respirator that's tailored to your job and environment with our complete line of disposable and reusable respirators.

  • Get protection from paint splashes, spray and debris, with our optical range optimising comfort, style and protection.

  • Get protected against hearing hazards from powertools and jobsite noise with our full range of comfort ear muffs and ear plugs.

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Safety keeps you on the job that drives you.

  • About Safety

      Ask any professional and they'll tell you: Safety products aren't just “accessories.” They're essential tools for getting the job done right.

      That's because safety isn't just about protection. It's about empowering you to do your best work today, and keeping you ready and able to tackle whatever the next challenge might be.

      There's a reason pro contractors believe in 3M Safety gear. Our commitment to quality and constant innovation means each piece of personal protective equipment is specifically designed to meet the needs of industry pros — with the comfort to keep them going every day, job after job, year after year.

      No matter what the project demands, our products give you the strength and support to help you perform at the highest level. That's not just how good work gets done — it's how great careers are made.

      And, just like you, we take serious pride in the things we create. That's why we'll keep striving to make equipment that doesn't just protect. It propels.

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Safety News & Articles

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