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3M Maintenance, Repair and Operations (MRO) Industrial Adhesives and Tapes Every Day Essentials

MRO activities are safer and more efficient when the right products are always at hand. But the diversity and unpredictability of maintenance tasks makes it challenging for companies to manage their consumables inventories. Based on decades of experience supporting professionals across industries, the MRO Everyday Essentials range from 3M includes more than 100 products, packaged to make them easier to buy, use and track. Including everything required for general-purpose cleaning, repair & maintaining, masking & protecting, bonding & sealing, packaging and many more. Everyday Essentials from 3M are a convenient single source for most MRO adhesive and tape requirements.

Industrial Adhesive and Tapes Advisor

Industrial Adhesive and Tapes Advisor

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Masking, Duct and Cloth Tapes

3M™ Masking Tapes - now it’s easy to choose the best tape to get industrial jobs done right. This simplified 5-tape system is built on increasing levels of performance and the common goal of helping you finish jobs worth finishing. 3M™ Duct and Cloth Tapes are built to stick. Whether your surface is smooth and refined or rough and rugged; whether your job is one hour or one year, 3M™ has the portfolio of dependable tapes to get the job done.

Box Sealing Tapes, Dispenser and High Strength Filament Tapes

3M™ offers a full line of high-performance, consistently reliable carton sealing systems and market-leading high strength tapes that are engineered to meet virtually any strapping, bundling, or reinforcing challenge. Delivering quality with tapes that keep production lines moving with less interruption and ensure packages are sealed on arrival.

Specialty Single Coated Tapes

No matter what your taping situation is, there’s a 3M™ Specialty Tape to help you conduct, reflect, protect, mark, mask, repel, color-code, cover, quiet and more.

Adhesive Transfer and Double Coated Tapes

Versatility, convenience and speed. That’s what you get with Scotch® ATG Transfer Tapes for assembly operations in businesses. Readily bond, join, mount, or laminate materials such as paper, plastics, metal, foam and more.

3M™ VHB™ Tapes and Double Coated Foam Tapes

3M™ VHB™ is the most surprisingly strong, fast and easy way to create durable, reliable bonds. 3M™ VHB™ Tapes open up a world of possibilities eliminating rivets, screws, bolts, and welds and improving design construction, aesthetics, and productivity.

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