Abrasive Solutions by 3M. Ever forward.
Abrasive Solutions by 3M. Ever forward.

Keep moving in the right direction with metalworking solutions to help you be successful now and in the future.

Abrasives for metal: discs, belts, wheels...

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Choosing the right abrasive product for welding and metal fabrication. Whether it's cutting and grinding, durring and cleaning or refining and finishing, we offer you the very best advice, and innovative abrasives for metal fabrication. At 3M we have the knowledge and expertise in the metal fabrication industry to provide you with the right product at the right price.

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We help you find the right abrasives: metal cutting discs, wheels, belts... for your application

3M offers solutions for every metalworking application. If you’re looking for a fast cutting wheel for metal or a belt for deburring sharp edges, 3M has your back. To shape parts during metal grinding, our 3M™ Cubitron™ II abrasives get the job done fast. Get ready for painting with our discs for surface preparation. We can even help you get your final finish or polish. 3M abrasives can help you take on any tough task.

  • Getting a clean cut on pipe or sheet metal can be tricky. 3M products make cutting and slicing fast and precise on all types of substrates, including ferrous metals, stainless steels, alloy steels and cast iron.

  • 3M offers a range of products to remove metal and welds, and shape parts to meet project requirements. These include blasting nozzles, grinding wheels and discs, and precision grinding products.

  • Remove burrs and sharp edges that linger on metal parts after punching, cutting and machining. 3M offers a wide range of deburring abrasives – ensuring no burr gets left behind.

  • For the best final product, get a clean start. 3M’s abrasive solutions make your work fast and efficient, removing unwanted coatings, rust and spatter from the metal without damaging the underlying surface.

  • Striking a balance between strength and finesse, 3M offers abrasives designed to smooth metal surfaces while keeping part geometry intact and helping you get the finish you need.

  • 3M offers a variety of abrasives gentle enough for polishing applications and very fine surface refinement. This helps you get the shine you want on a wide range of metals.

  • From grinding-to-dimension all the way to superfinishing – 3M provides innovative solutions of Superabrasives, Conventional, Dressing Rollers and Precision Grinding Machines designed to meet today´s tough processing challenges in automotive, aerospace, oil and gas, cutting tools, primary metal, glass and other industries.

  • Metalworking industries face a wide range of daily workplace hazards. 3M Worker Health & Safety provides solutions for those hazards.

  • Our 3M™ Cubitron™ II abrasives, powered by 3M's Precision-Shaped Grain technology can help reduce risks such as Hand-arm vibration, airborne particles and noise, whilst also improving productivity.

Safety advice when using hand held abrasive discs and wheels

The use of abrasives can create immediate safety hazards as well as long-term health hazards. If not properly managed and controlled, the routine use of abrasives can potentially create hazards from airborne particles, noise and hard-arm vibration.


  1. ELIMINATION: Eliminate or remove the hazard.
  2. SUBSTITUTION: Replace the hazard with a less hazardous one.
  3. ENGINEERING CONTROLS: Reduce exposure, isolate people from the hazard.
  4. ADMINISTRATIVE CONTROLS: Change, improve the way people work.
  5. PPE: Protect the worker with Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

Contact us, we will be happy to help you find the most suitable abrasives for your metalworking operations, evaluate the risks and minimize them. We are experts in Safety in the metal fabrication industry.

  • Airborne particles
    Airborne particles
    • Airborne particles are potentially hazardous to workers through contact with exposed skin or eyes, and especially by inhalation.
    • Adequate and suitable respiratory protection should be determined, based upon a risk assessment including an evaluation of the level of exposure, occupational exposure limits, and on what specific task and worker requirements.
    • Related processes may also include welding fume and/or gases used.
  • Noise 3M
    • Depending on the specific operation, noise levels can range from moderate to very high reaching up to 120dB(A).
    • Grinding, for example, can result in noise levels in the range of 97 – 105dB(A). Repeated daily personal noise exposure above LEP,d 85dB(A) can lead to permanent hearing loss and tinnitus.
    • Almost anyone working in a metal fabrication environment is likely to be exposed to harmful noise level.
    • In addition to protecting against harmful effects of noise, it is vital to maintain situational awareness so that important warning signals can be heard such as fire alarm and moving vehicles, for example.
  • Hand-arm vibration
    Hand-arm vibration
    • The risk of vibration-related injury is associated with tasks that require excessive bending of the wrists or time on tool.
    • Prolonged exposure to vibration can cause damage to blood vessels, nerves and tendons in fingers, hands and wrists, leaving the sufferer with reduced sensitivity, strength and dexterity.

Belts, wheels, discs for metalworking... What are the right abrasives for your metal work?

Choosing the Right Abrasive Product for Welding and Metal Fabrication. The metalworking industry faces many challenges that compel metal fabricators to seek creative, cost-effective ways to improve their competitiveness. Meeting these challenges means fabricators must reduce production costs, increase product quality and respond to ever-tightening environmental regulations.

We help you find the solution you need: a full line of abrasives including quick change discs, flap wheels, cartridge rolls, fibre discs and non-woven wheels, brushes, flap discs, hand pads, belts and more to fit your needs. Download the PDF...

  • Sanding belts for grinding, dimensioning, finishing and polishing a wide variety of metals. Each belt is constructed using high quality materials and is specifically tailored to work on whatever substrate you may need. So whether you need to reach inside a small metal part, or cover a wide metal surface (aluminium, brass, bronze...), we have a metalworking belt to help you make the job easier.

  • Our selection of sanding and grinding discs for metal brings the quality and performance of 3M abrasives to a variety of hand-held applications. Whether you are removing large welds, or carefully finishing a custom piece, we have the metal grinding discs to help you complete the job quickly and easily.

  • From fast cutting and aggressive grinding to generating a final finish. We help you select the metalworking wheels to cover almost every step of the metal working process you are performing. We have innovative wheels for grinding, cutting, deburring, finishing, polishing and surface preparation on any metal substrate.


Efficency means profit. Making the most of your people, resources and equipment...


  • Premium 3M™ Cubitron™ II abrasives deliver faster cut-rates and longer abrasive life compared to conventional abrasives, thanks to the power of 3M Precision-Shaped Grain....

  • 3M nonwoven technology makes our Scotch-Brite™ industrial abrasives ideal for finishing, blending, deburring and more, while maintaining the geometry of the workpiece....

  • 3M™ Trizact™ abrasives feature patterned, micro-replicated structures filled with abrasive grains. Fresh mineral is continually exposed to produce the finest finishes....

  • Welders need durable, reliable safety gear. 3M™ Speedglas™ Welding Helmets meet those needs by delivering the best in optics, comfort and weight...

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Keep moving in the right direction with metalworking solutions to help you be successful now and in the future. Metal fabrication is the building of metal structures by cutting, bending, and assembling processes, most commonly welding. It is a value-added process that 3M understands well. From abrasive discs and belts to industry leading welding PPE - Contact us. We are here to help.