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3M solutions for silicon wafer manufacturing


Silicon Wafer Manufacturing

Silicon wafers are the base where electronic circuits are formed to create the integrated circuit which is one of the most essential components of most electronic devices. Increasing levels of filtration performance are needed to meet the strict requirements of today’s electronics and semiconductor manufacturing processes.

Here's an example of where filtration and dissolved gas control can enhance your semiconductor wafer process.

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Applications for Silicon Wafer Manufacturing

For more than 100 years, 3M has developed innovative filtration and purification products by partnering with our customers to meet the ever-evolving needs of electronics & semiconductor manufacturing.

Ultrapure Water

Ultrapure water (UPW) is mainly used to remove defect-causing contaminants from the wafer surface and to rinse or clean wafers after they have been exposed to chemicals during various processes.

3M’s filtration and gas transfer membrane products provide the required particle reduction and dissolved gas (O₂ & CO₂) reduction to meet the strict requirements of semiconductor and electronics industry.

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Lapping & Polishing

Lapping and polishing are processes to level uneven areas by combining a chemical (acidic or basic) slurry of micro-abrasives with mechanical force provided by polishing. Critical slurry particle size control allows for the proper surface finish.

3M has the filtration solutions to control particle size in the slurries used in the polishing process to allow wafer manufacturers to supply the industry.

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Wet Cleaning Chemicals

During wet processing, the wafers are dipped, immersed, or sprayed with solutions. As device features continue to shrink, ensuring the purity of acids, bases, and solvents used in the manufacture process will remain critical.

From most acids and bases to alcohols and etchants, 3M has the filter for your chemical application.

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Process Cooling Water

Process cooling water is circulated to water cooled equipment. Temperature cycling, entrained air, contaminants, and poor water quality can lead to corrosion, scaling and other issues that may inhibit proper cooling and/or decrease service of water cooled equipment. Proper water treatment allows water cooled equipment to function optimally during use.

3M has the filtration and gas management solutions to control contaminant and entrained gas in your process cooling water loops to enable a more efficient and stable operation

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Manufacturing wafers requires large amounts of water and chemicals, which invariably generates substantial volumes of wastewater. The many different processing steps create a variety of wastewater contaminants.

3M has filtration solutions designed to help you filter your wastewater to protect the environment and meet increasingly stringent discharge requirements.

3M™ Liqui-Cel™ Membrane Contactors are used in a variety of gas transfer applications to strip dissolved gases from aqueous fluids. In one specific use, ammonia gas is stripped from wastewater streams with a high concentration of ammonia, diffuses across the wall of a hollow fiber membrane, and is directly absorbed into a reactive acid solution.

This simultaneous removal and recovery of ammonia is possible in a single device. This process is called TMCS (Transmembrane Chemisorption).

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Dissolved Gas Control

3M™ Liqui-Cel™ Membrane Contactors provide efficient dissolved gas control in a compact design. Capable of adding gases to or removing dissolved gases and bubbles from compatible liquid streams, these gas transfer devices utilize hollow fiber membrane technology that help facilities around the world improve operating efficiency, performance and protect product quality.

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