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  • Perfect Wrapper

    Perfect Wrapper

    • Super organised.
    • Tidy and dedicated workspace.
    • Starts wrapping in a timely manner, no stress.
    • Has the right tools for the job.
    • Confident in skills and wants to be the best!
    • No expenses spared.
    • Gets inspiration from social media, magazines.
    • Can go a little bit OTT when it comes to wrapping, it has to be perfect right?
  • Name:
    Perfect Wrapper

    Clean, tidy and organised

    Present style:
    Stunning and in-keeping with this year’s theme

  • Perfect Wrapper

    Jane Means top 5 tips:

    1. The super organized Perfect Wrapper will no doubt buy their presents early so the wrapping can be done well in advance to avoid the last minute rush. Do avoid wrapping anything in cellophane until the last minute as it is a great dust collector

    2. Have some ‘presents’ spare and ensure they are ready wrapped in case you are caught out. You can’t go wrong with a bottle or box of chocolates. If friends know that you are good at wrapping they may wish to show off their skills too!

    3. Never boast to friends and family how organised and clever you are. Nobody likes a ‘know it all’. Maybe you could offer to do their wrapping in return for a bottle of wine…

    4. Add an extra scent to your wrapping by spraying your gift wrap with some rich restive room spray like Orange and Cinnamon

    5. If you really want to impress, how about making your own personalised wrapping paper with photographs, maps and quotes


Scotch® Pop-Up Tape Handband

Scotch® Pop-Up Tape Handband

  • Convenience at your fingertips
  • Ideal for projects where two hands are needed - tasks such as gift-wrapping, or whenever frequent taping is required
  • Fits comfortably on hand or wrist, keeping both hands free for the task at hand
  • Dispenses pre-cut tape strips that are the perfect size for most taping needs
  • Includes 1 Refillable dispenser + 1 tape strip pad. Each pad contains 75 tape strips which are 19mm x 50mm
Scotch™ Comfort Scissors

Scotch™ Comfort Scissors

  • Stay sharp with Scotch™ Comfort Scissors
  • Great for everyday, light duty cutting needs around the home and office
  • Sharp, hardened stainless steel blades for cutting performance
  • Soft comfort grip handles for ease of use
  • Handle designed for both right and left handed users
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