1. Scotch ® National Wrapping Day - Practical Wrapper
Practical Wrapper Video
  • Practical Wrapper

    Practical Wrapper

    • A wrapping draw/box is a must!
    • The kitchen table or desk makes a perfect wrapping station to multi task.
    • Live by your to-do list.
    • All the latest wrapping gadgets to make things easy.
    • Gift bags are acceptable?!
    • Have some wrapping skills and experiment when there is time.
    • The festive season is being approached with efficiency. Tick the boxes and look forward to the Christmas pudding.
  • Name:
    Practical Wrapper

    Precise, tidy and effective

    Present style:
    Simple but stylish

  • Wrapped Box

    Jane Means top 5 tips:

    1. Check to see what the latest fashion trends are and follow these colours and patterns in your gift wrapping

    2. Head over to Pinterest for oodles of inspiration

    3. Don’t like your handwriting on the tags…grab a friend who has great writing or find yourself a really nice free font (for example Script MT bold looks great when printed)

    4. You could try keeping all your wrapping essentials, such as scissors, Scotch® Pop-Up Tape, ribbons, tags and gift wrap in a handy box

    5. Find a ‘Perfect Wrapper’ friend who would do your wrapping for you (in return for a bottle of wine of course) how very practical!


Scotch® Pop-Up Tape Handband

Scotch® Pop-Up Tape Handband

  • Convenience at your fingertips
  • Ideal for projects where two hands are needed - tasks such as gift-wrapping, or whenever frequent taping is required
  • Fits comfortably on hand or wrist, keeping both hands free for the task at hand
  • Dispenses pre-cut tape strips that are the perfect size for most taping needs
  • Includes 1 Refillable dispenser + 1 tape strip pad. Each pad contains 75 tape strips which are 19mm x 50mm
Scotch™ Comfort Scissors

Scotch™ Comfort Scissors

  • Stay sharp with Scotch™ Comfort Scissors
  • Great for everyday, light duty cutting needs around the home and office
  • Sharp, hardened stainless steel blades for cutting performance
  • Soft comfort grip handles for ease of use
  • Handle designed for both right and left handed users
Scotch® GiftWrap Tape

Scotch® GiftWrap Tape

  • Unique satin finish tape
  • Disappears on most gift wrap papers
  • Makes your gifts look great
  • Sticks securely and is easy to dispense
  • Great for gift wrapping, paper projects and adding a finishing touch to household projects.
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