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  • Performance, compatibility, safety and sustainability all matter in your choice of a cleaning solution. In order to confidently select the right Novec fluid to clean your parts, you may ask:

    • Can Novec fluids be a drop-in replacement in my existing vapour degreasing process?
    • Will Novec fluids effectively remove contaminants from my parts?
    • Will Novec fluids stain, dissolve or otherwise react with my materials?

    One way to answer these questions is to try our fluids on your parts, in either your plant or via a trial with our authorised distributor Acota.

    Technical experts at 3M and our authorised distributor can work with you to determine which Novec cleaning fluid is the best match for your parts, your contaminants and your expectations.

Try a sample

With just a few simple tests, you can confirm Novec fluids’ compatibility, solvent strength and cleaning performance – so you can choose a new cleaning solution with confidence.

  • Purple latex gloved hand grabbing one of two vials of liquids in a lab
    Will Novec fluids dissolve my contaminant?

    A simple mix-and-shake test can help confirm if your oil or grime is soluble in that Novec fluid. If it is soluble, it will likely work with your parts.

  • Purple latex gloved hand spreading contaminant sample onto small piece of metal
    Will Novec fluids clean my parts?

    Test Novec fluids’ cleaning performance by immersing a sample of your parts with a sample of your contaminant in boiling fluid.

  • 3M Technical Service Specialist pouring Novec fluid into beaker
    Are Novec fluids compatible with my materials?

    A quick soak test can give you confidence that any plastics or elastomers that you’re cleaning – or that your equipment includes – are compatible with Novec fluids.

Case studies

There are many drivers for seeking an alternative solvent cleaning regime: process or performance improvements, toxicity concerns around Trike or nPB, or avoiding the HFC phase-down. Our case studies show how organisations have benefited from making the switch to Novec engineered fluids.

  • 3M Technical Service Specialist lowering basket of parts into vapor degreaser
    SAAB Case Study

    Read about how Saab switched from Trike to a safe, sustainable Novec based solution

    Case Study

  • Man and woman in business attire looking at iPad and smiling
    Smiths Aerospace Case Study

    See how Smiths Aerospace have reduced their expenditure on HFC cleaning solvents by around half by switching to 3M™ Novec™ 72DE Engineered Fluid.

    Case Study

  • Mustang Vacuum Systems building front
    BAE Systems Case Study

    Learn more about how BAE Systems replaced Trike with Novec fluids and achieved better cleaning at a lower temperature.

    Case Study

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