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    Advanced fire protection on-board Costa Crociere

    October 02, 2018

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    3M™ Novec™ 1230 Fire Protection Fluid protects 1700 passengers and 600 staff aboard the Costa Crociere

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    • Image showing Costa Crociere Cruise Ship

      Costa neoRiviera is a cruise ship built in 1999 at St. Nazaire, France and owned by the navigation company Costa Crociere since 2013. Costa Crociere is part of the Carnival Corporation & plc group, the world’s largest leisure travel company.Costa Crociere’s commitment to sustainability goes beyond responsible management of resources, to making a tangible contribution to the conservation of resources for future generation. The conservation of the marine environment is the top priority for Costa Crociere. In line with this sustainable approach Costa Crociere turned to Johnson Controls to modernise the fire prevention system aboard the neoRiviera. Costa Crociere needed to implement this system quickly and efficiently with the lowest impact on their cruise activities, and with full compliance to the shipbuilder’s specifications and regulatory requirements.

      Costa neoRiviera represents a new concept of cruise ships where quality and excellence are top priority. This ship has a total of 624 cabins: 94 suites, 4 scenic cabins with private deck and 6 grand-suites with private deck. Aboard the ship are 3 restaurants and 6 coffee bars, a wide range of leisure facilities and fitness centres, swimming pool, sporting field, a two floors theatre, casino, disco, library and more. The ship’s measurements are impressive: tonnage (t): 48200, length: 216m, width: 29m, max number of guests: 1700, staff: 600.

      A new standard in fire suppression

      The installation of the SAPPHIRE® fire suppression system from Johnson Controls represents a new technological standard in the cruise ships industry, compared to the traditionally used CO2 system. Typically, the fire systems on board cruise ships are centralised systems, located in the biggest room to be protected. The disadvantage of such systems is that once activated in one of the locations, the system is then out of service and unable to protect the ship against subsequent outbreaks of fire.

      The solution designed by Johnson Controls uses instead a specific architecture system which includes 100% room protection, 24/7, regardless of any individual gas discharges. The system is a bespoke, modular, lightweight design solution which takes up less space than other systems due to its lower pipe length and smaller pipe diameter. The result is the full elimination of the discharge collectors and welding parts: the modular system being cheaper and easier to install.

      Installation at sea

      The modular system, using 3M™ Novec™ 1230 Fire Protection Fluid was able to be installed while the ship was sailing. This meant no disruption for passengers or staff, and installation in a total timeframe of just 2 months. The installation time was reduced by 80% compared to a traditional system, which would have also required the ship to remain static in a shipyard.

      Johnson Controls project managed the entire life cycle of the project including tests with RINA certification authority which guarantee the system’s requirements, installation, trial, training and commissioning into service. The SAPPHIRE® System comprises 65 containers, sizes from 147 to 180 litres @42 bar, and 7500 Kgs of Novec 1230 fluid.

      Maximum safety for passengers

      SAPPHIRE® fire-protection system uses Novec 1230 fluid, a clean agent which is stored as a liquid but dispersed as a gas, requiring only low cylinder pressure for storage. It has an excellent environmental profile, with zero Ozone Depletion Potential, and a Global Warming Potential of 1 due to a 5 day atmospheric lifetime. Since the fluid disperses as a gas, it leaves no moisture or residue. It is neither corrosive nor conductive, and extinguishes fires within seconds, minimising disruption to electronics or other sensitive equipment.

      Unlike CO2, Novec 1230 fluid is safe for people and provides the widest margin of safety relative to other clean agents such as HFCs and inert gas systems. This makes it an ideal solution for boats and ships where exiting from a protected space may be challenging.

      SAPPHIRE is a registered trademark of Johnson Controls

      3M and Novec are registered trademarks of 3M Company






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