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    Johnson Controls launches new Sapphire Plus 70 Bar System using Novec 1230 Fluid

    October 02, 2018

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      Part of the proven HYGOOD SAPPHIRE range, SAPPHIRE PLUS is designed to optimise fire safety performance in high value areas such as power plants, telecommunications, aviation, transport, IT, medical facilities and museums.

      The SAPPHIRE PLUS system delivers an increased container pressure rating of 70 bar – a substantial increase from traditional SAPPHIRE 25 and 42 bar pressures. The greater pressure allows fill densities of up to 1.4kg/L, reducing the number of containers required. It also enables extended pipe runs — above 100 metres — meaning the containers can be stored further away from the protected space. Multiple hazards can be protected from a single container bank, through the use of selector valves – helping plant and facility managers save valuable costs and reduce installation time.

      The new SAPPHIRE PLUS gaseous fire suppression system delivers Novec 1230 fluid from 3M, a clear, colourless agent that vaporises on discharge, absorbing heat and providing total flooding to suppress fire. With zero ozone depletion potential, a global warming potential of just 1 and a high margin of safety, it is a safe choice for both people and the environment. Fires are extinguished quickly, cleanly and with no residue, resulting in less damage and reduced downtime.

      Featuring automatic detection and an extended temperature range, from –18°C to 65°C, the new system is ideal for use in the protection of high value assets, such as in power generation plant control rooms which require protection 24-7. The new system has also been developed to include all approvals and listings in one single global platform, without the need to switch to a different equipment range to suit regional variations in the accepted approvals and listings. Benefits therefore include compliance with all national and international standards such as EN 15004, ISO 14520 and NFPA 2001.

      Miguel Coll, Product Director for Engineered Systems, Johnson Controls, comments, “With the launch of SAPPHIRE PLUS, we aim to set new standards in fire protection. An extension of our reliable SAPPHIRE range, the new system will allow greater design flexibility in high value assets – while offering the same proven fast acting fire suppression.”

      3M and Novec are trademarks of the 3M Company

      SAPPHIRE is a registered trademark of Johnson Controls

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    Johnson Controls has introduced an innovative 70 bar gaseous fire suppression system, based on clean agent Novec 1230 Fluid from 3M. The system enables higher fill densities at an increased pressure – reducing footprint, installation costs and service time.

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