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    Data centre fire suppression: beyond “checking the box”

    May 15, 2019

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    Data centre fire suppression: beyond “checking the box”

    A system choice goes beyond meeting the minimum requirements to “check the box” for insurance coverage and has significant implications for business continuity, standards compliance and more.

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      Things to consider:

      Business continuity – choosing a system to maximise uptime and minimize the potential for damage from the discharge itself.

      Standards compliance – selecting only systems that have a system approval from an internationally recognised testing laboratory as well as being compliant across the component, system and installation levels.

      Legislation and regulatory compliance – the European F-Gas regulation is driving an aggressive phase-down of HFCs, while global markets are phasing down more slowly under the Montreal Protocol. Managers should consider the environmental implications of their system choice and the potential for future regulatory actions to impact the supply chain.

      Sustainability profile – data centres have frequently been critiqued in the news because of their environmental impacts, particularly around their very high energy consumption. Their environmental profiles are very visible in the public eye – and a sustainable fire suppression system can help data centre managers paint a picture of their overall commitment to sustainability.

      Working with a data centre manager on a new fire suppression system? While a fire suppression system isn’t generally top of mind in a new data centre, specifiers play an important role in teaching data centre managers, owners and other clients about the long-term consequences of their decision. Share a quick intro to the key considerations with them.


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