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Thermal Management in the automotive interior

Thermal Management for Automotive Interiors

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A vital element for passenger comfort

You can make your interiors visually striking. You can make them ultra-convenient and functional. But unless they’re comfortable, they still won’t make the grade. It’s essential to manage interior temperature – for more robust passenger experiences, and for overall vehicle efficiency.

3M delivers with our acoustic insulation material. Even as it absorbs NVH, it creates a thermal barrier that makes it easier to maintain desired temperatures in a range of environmental conditions. We also provide engineered films to control solar heat buildup through automotive glass.

For today’s interiors, quiet only goes so far

Discover our 3M™ Thinsulate™ Acoustic Insulation, excellent for doors, headliners, trim, pillars, consoles and instrument panels. 3M also provides materials engineered for thermal conductivity that help direct heat toward heat sinks and prevent it from entering the vehicle interior, as well as engineered films to control solar heat buildup through automotive glass.

  • interior door of car with thinsulate acoustic insulation

    3M™ Thinsulate™ Acoustic Insulation

    • This trusted insulation material performs double duty for automotive interiors – it is designed to absorb sound vibrations and dissipate heat, excellent for maintaining comfortable interior temperatures regardless of the environment outside. Lightweight and compressible, the material is excellent for gap filling in voids in pillars, behind trim panels, in headliners, or instrument panels.

      3M™ Thinsulate™ Acoustic Insulation Portfolio

      Technical Datasheets (PDF, 1,119 KB)

Discover more bright ways to manage interior heat

Cabin Experience

Learn how 3M™ Ultra Clear Solar Film (USCF) can keep interiors cooler to help interior electronics perform more efficiently – and still allow for lots of glass in the cabin design. Visit our HMI solutions here.

Contact a 3M expert to discuss automotive interior thermal management
Let's talk about interiors

Step Inside. Our 3M experts are dedicated to collaborating on the best solutions for your unique challenges in automotive interiors. Let's discuss how 3M material science solutions can help you meet your specifications.


Meeting the challenges in automotive interiors

  • Learn more about bonding & joining

    Bonding and Joining >

    Effectively bond challenging or dissimilar materials in more places inside the vehicle. 3M provides single-coated, double-coated, thin bond and wire harness tapes, hot melts, reclosable fasteners and more.

  • Learn more about EMI

    Electromagnetic Interference >

    3M applies decades of electronics experience in the increasingly electronic environment of the vehicle interior. Our shielding, blocking and EMI absorption solutions deliver low and stable contact resistance and maintain consistent performance even in tough environments.

  • Learn more about lightweighting

    Lightweighting >

    Creativity without the weight – 3M solutions can enable the bonding of lighter materials in automotive interiors, replace metal fasteners and even allow for the production of plastic parts without heavy fillers.

  • Learn more about NVH

    Noise, Vibration and Harshness >

    3M is solving challenges of managing sound in evolving vehicle platforms – and and expanding our acoustic solutions to meet these new demands. Our Engineered Damping Material (EDM) is just one example.

  • Learn more about design flexibilty

    Design Flexibility >

    Design a premium passenger experience, while keeping cost constraints in mind. Bond without mechanical fasteners. Meet the specific demands of the production line. That’s the freedom to exceed conventional limits in interiors.