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Emission control solutions backed by 3M science.

Reliable emission control system products backed by deep technical expertise.

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  • 45 years producing emission control materials icon
  • 1+ billion vehicles produced using 3M emission control materials icon
  • 17 global locations for manufacturing and converting icon
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Passenger Vehicle Exhaust and Evaporative Emission Control

  • Emissions standards and regulations

    Euro Level 7 will set new guidelines for exhaust and evaporative emissions regulations worldwide, and OEMs and canners are starting to think about how they are going to meet these new standards (PDF, 2.3 MB). 3M has been supporting the emission industry for longer than four decades and we are ready to share our world leading expertise to help you find a solution for your design.

    3M is a leading supplier of mat mount and high-performance thermal solutions with world-class application engineering support, labs, and manufacturing capabilities in every geography. Our global teams are here to collaborate with you on your light-duty and passenger vehicles applications every step of the way.

    We are excited to collaborate with you on your evaporative and exhaust emission control system solutions – both now in and in the future.

  • To meet new emission control regulations customers are:
    • Installing exhaust pre-heaters
    • Increasing the size of catalysts
    • Improving the insulation
    • Converting to more fragile and porous catalysts
    • Designing new catalyst geometries
    • Pre-heating the catalyst before start-up

    3M can help with these design challenges, and find the right solution for your application. Contact a 3M expert.

Featured Emission Control Solutions from Engine to Exhaust

Precision. Performance. Efficiency. Explore how 3M can help you maximize your emission control vehicle designs.

  • Exhaust emission control icon with a cloud that has CO2 written in it.
    Exhaust Emission Control

    3M™ Interam™ brand light-duty and passenger vehicle emission control solutions include intumescent, non-intumescent, hybrid mat mounts and thermal insulation engineered to suit nearly any catalytic converter, diesel/gas particulate filter assembly, or other exhaust emission control device.

  • Thermal management icon of a thermometer.
    Thermal Management

    Our 3M™ Interam™ Mat Mount and Thermal Insulation solutions include endcone insulation, erosion protection materials and more. We support each solution with complete material and assembly testing capabilities for gasoline and diesel applications.

Banner of a 3M™ Interam™ Mat Mount for exhaust emission control system
3M™ Interam™ Mat Mount for exhaust emission control systems

Blue dot signifies where 3M Interam products are designed to optimize exhaust emission control system

  • A roll and several strips of 3M™ Interam™ Mat Mount 1670HT

    Increase canning productivity with 3M™ Interam™ Mat Mount 1670HT

    3M™ Interam™ Mat Mount 1670HT (PDF, 137 KB) is a high-performance solution that can be used in a wide range of gap designs, temperature conditions, and applications. It is designed for high canning productivity.

Discover 3M™ Interam™ Mat Mount products for your exhaust emission control systems

Based on your selected region and application, this tool can help you determine which products to begin evaluating for your exhaust emission control systems. Use the 3M™ Interam™ Mat Mount Selector below by first making a country selection. Populate any additional dropdown that appears and then hit the “View Results” button.

Contact a 3M Expert for further guidance, information or to inquire on product availability.

†NC = Non-classified, HT* = High-Temp, HR = High-Resiliency

††SVHC = Substance of Very High Concern: ”Contain” or “Does Not Contain” means that the material is or is not present at or above the REACH SVHC threshold

†††GBD Range is application dependent and should be verified with your 3M Application Engineering representative

Disclaimer: Product recommendations displayed above are based on user input and may be based on limited data. User is responsible for determining suitability for each intended application. 3M products shown on this website may not be available in all geographic regions or may not be available at this time. Please contact your local sales representative to determine product availability.

Emission Control Resources: Technical Data Sheets

Need help finding the right solution?

3M is constantly working to meet the evolving challenges of vehicle suppliers worldwide. If you need help finding an existing solutions or would like to talk to us about a specific idea you're working on, get in touch with us.