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3M Battery Sealants for xEV Battery

Better, faster enclosure sealing from 3M.


From adhesive sealants to cure-in-place gaskets, 3M has you covered

The critical process of sealing electrical enclosures such as battery packs in electric vehicles and hybrid electric vehicles has traditionally required the sealant material and many related process steps: cutting, fitting, rework and all the related costs. 3M provides some better ways.

Instead of all the manual labor associated with traditional materials, our one- and two-part battery sealants enable automated mixing and application.

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    Adhesive sealants

    3M one-part silane modified polymers (SMP) and polyurethane sealant materials are formulated for performance under harsh conditions. Originally developed for marine markets, these high-strength, moisture-curing, gap-filling sealants maintain tough yet flexible bonds. Our moisture-curing adhesive sealants apply in tight, clean beads and form permanent, durable yet malleable seals.

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    Cure-in-place gaskets

    Our cure-in-place, non-flammable silicone foam gasket material was developed specifically for sealing xEV batteries from moisture and contaminants. It cures without the need for heat and forms a durable, shaped gasket without cutting or fitting. It features the lowest compression set of any commonly available two-part, cure-in-place silicone gasket, so it stands up during service again and again. It delivers similar or higher sealing performance compared to urethanes and EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer), in less time at greater throughput and with fewer part rejections.

Key benefits for assembly and production

Cure-in-place gaskets

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    Enable automation

    xEV battery sealants from 3M are ideal for sealing battery packs and modules. They enable the precise, repeatable processes of automated application and reduce the labor and inventory costs of traditional pre-fab gasketing and sealing materials such as EPDM.

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    Reduce waste and simplify cleanup

    Unlike many silicone CIPGs (cure-in-place gaskets), our high-viscosity, two-part cure-in-place material can be applied using automated static mixing equipment, helping reduce product waste and cleanup costs. It can save several minutes on each battery case with very fast application and cure times.

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    Cure with or without heat

    It cures without heat, allowing for process simplification and the ability to incorporate into manufacturing processes that do not use high-temperature curing ovens for electrical enclosures. Subassemblies can be moved almost immediately after application. To ensure production flexibility, it can also cure at standard oven cure temperatures (100°C).

Adhesive sealants

  • Precise application

    Our adhesive sealants are moisture-curing and apply easily through automated equipment without mixing. Our SMP sealants feature non-sag properties that allow for exceptionally clean, precise application in small bond lines.

Durability for battery assembly

Our full range of sealants for xEV batteries includes silicone, SMP and polyurethane materials that deliver exceptional durability. 

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    Seviceability again and again

    Extremely robust cure-in-place material allows for serviceability again and again, with minimal compression loss. The silicone material performs better under high and low temperatures compared to standard gaskets. It is also more hydrolytically stable during and after cure, meaning moisture will not affect its curing speed and that there is minimal chance of water absorption or penetration during use.

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    Flexibility throughout the life of the battery

    Highly durable, flexible one-part sealants form elastomeric, firm and waterproof seals that provide exceptional flexibility to resist vibrations, swelling, shrinking and shock that can occur during the operation of an electric vehicle. They remain pliable and won’t crack, fade or degrade when exposed to chemicals.

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Key benefits for the design engineer

3M sealants are designed to conform and perform in your xEV battery designs. Our high-performance adhesive sealants can be applied precisely in tight bond lines, so you can design smaller areas to accommodate the sealant. Cure-in-place battery sealant from 3M simplifies design by virtually eliminating the need to create a groove or other element in the battery lid design to accommodate the sealant. The high-viscosity material applies smoothly and retains its shape for excellent control.

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