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3M Double Sided Tapes for xEV Battery

Sometimes the best options are also the simplest.

  • 3M has been an industry leader in adhesives for decades. Our double sided tapes combine our latest adhesive technologies with a format that's as simple as the first masking tapes, making them ideal for the unique thin-bonding challenges in xEV battery design and production. Strong, durable and resistant to chemicals and temperatures, our double-sided adhesive tapes can deliver reliable bonds for battery applications including pressure plates, battery module components and cell-to-cell assemblies. Our acrylic tapes can be used for insulation and gap spacing between battery cells and for bonding specific metals and plastics, similar or dissimilar – without the time and equipment required for curing.

Key benefits for xEV assembly and production

Featuring pressure-sensitive, high-initial-tack adhesives, 3M Double Sided Tapes provide clean, peel-and-stick bonding that can help save significant time and expense versus heat-cured liquid and film adhesives.

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    Precise and consistent application

    Our adhesive transfer tapes deliver a precise, consistent adhesive application even to broad surfaces such as module panels. These double-sided tapes feature a broad range of film carriers and different adhesives and liners on each side. They precisely suit your assembly and application requirements and help enable staged assembly. Available extended tab liners enable automated application.

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    Reduce time and weight while enabling efficient assembly

    Our double-sided 3M™ Acrylic Foam Tapes feature a closed-cell acrylic foam core suitable for thin-bond space gap filling between battery cells. The acrylic foam core technology ⁠— used for decades to withstand the stress loads of exterior automotive trim ⁠— is compressible and compensates for cell expansion, helping preserve battery performance.

Key benefits for battery lifespan and durability

3M offers a full range of thin-bonding and foam tapes for xEV battery applications from bonding insulation and other components to between-cell applications.

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    Engineered for a wide range of materials

    The adhesives used for all 3M double sided tapes have been engineered for adhesion to a wide range of metals, plastics – including polypropylene and polyethylene – and composites for performance throughout the life of the vehicle.

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    Resists moisture and helps reduce stress

    Adhesives are available in thicker coat weights to resist moisture and humidity even on textured surfaces. Used in conjunction with or in place of mechanical fasteners, adhesive tapes can help eliminate stress concentration-related substrate failures on flat modules or plates. Durable film carriers resist chemicals and high temperatures.

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    Preserves battery performance over time

    Our double-sided 3M™ Acrylic Plus Tapes feature a closed-cell acrylic foam core which is suitable for thin space gap filling between battery cells. This material allows for compression and stress compensation during cell expansion and helps preserve battery performance.

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Key benefits for the design engineer

3M double sided tapes provide xEV battery designers new ways to help solve thin bonding challenges. Engineered adhesives can be specified for each side of the tape, allowing for bonds to dissimilar metal and plastic substrates. Adhesive transfer tapes allow for consistent application of adhesive across broad areas without an adhesive carrier. Double-sided tapes can also allow for simultaneous electrical insulation and can be used as spacers between cells without the need to specify additional materials. Our double-sided tapes can be easily die-cut into virtually any shape you can design for xEV batteries.

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