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E-A-R Cushioning Materials for xEV Battery

Engineered for xEV battery cushioning and protection


For your xEV battery systems, you can choose from lots of standard silicone foams and get fairly standard cushioning properties. Or, you can choose supportive polyurethane foams designed specifically for damping and cushioning in electrical vehicle batteries. ​Manufactured by Aearo Technologies LLC, a 3M company, the selection includes cushioning polyurethane foams designed to absorb the swelling of lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery cells during charging and discharging cycles. They deliver compliant compression force against battery cells as they expand and supportive push back during low compression.

  • up close shot of e-a-r cushioning materials
    Energy absorbing and vibration damping foams
    You can also choose foams that exert low force under high compression to help absorb energy and reduce vibrations. These slow-recovery materials are soft, flexible and highly damped, making them ideal for gap filling and shock protection.
  • e-a-r cushioning materials being used in an xEV battery application
    Reduce NVH challenges
    These foams are just what you need to help keep xEV battery components aligned and protected. They can also help prevent damage from buzz/squeak/rattle (BSR) and noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) throughout the battery module during and after assembly.

Key benefits for assembly and production

  • E-A-R cushioning materials in a variety of shapes and textures
    Available in a wide range of surface textures

    Compressible and energy absorbing foams are available with a wide range of surface textures including smooth and tacky. The pressure-sensitive adhesives also come in a variety of tacks for efficient assembly.

  • battery cells expanded to show use of E-A-R cushioning materials
    Made thin to meet the toughest space constraints
    Shock absorbing foams are available as thin as .5 mm, and cushioning materials come as thin as 1 mm to help meet module space constraints.
  • E-A-R cushioning foams in both bulk rolls and custom sizes
    Available at scale - whether it's custom or in bulk
    Foams can be supplied in bulk rolls, excellent for automated processes and cost-effective conversion, or they can be ordered as custom finished part numbers with line sequencing available.

Key benefits for xEV battery lifespan and durability

  • illustration of a car with xEV battery showing using E-A-R cushioning materials
  • Protection from noise, vibration, and harshness

    Soft, flexible, highly damped foams are engineered for high energy absorption to help control potential damage to battery components and connections from road vibration and external impact. They exert low force under high compression, making them ideal for shock protection and gasketing. Our compressible foams are available in a wide range of specified compression force deflection (CFD) curves and feature a very low compression set. The result is a consistent pushback force that helps maintain support to the battery cells.

    A broad service temperature range exceeds typical use requirements. Foams help protect the battery cells, components and the module. They are engineered to help mitigate the detrimental effects of BSR and NVH throughout the battery module, which can add confidence that the electric vehicle will stay on the road and out of the shop.

Other benefits of E-A-R cushioning materials

  • Customizable Design

    xEV battery design engineers can choose from a broad range of surface finishes, densities, pressure-sensitive adhesive configurations and more. The product line can be customized to OEM design specifications, providing a truly unique and engineered solution for each application.

  • Cost-Effective

    Polyurethane foams are a cost-effective material solution when compared to most silicone foams.

  • Current Applications

    These customized and cost-effective engineered foams have proven successful for module, cell-to-cell and component cushioning from design through implementation.

  • Performance Data

    Cell-to-cell cushioning foams show less than 5% performance loss under accelerated aging testing specific to the application. The foams meet UL 94-HBF flammability standards and will pass FMVSS-302. The material is produced and certified pursuant to automotive industry quality requirements.

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