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3M Structural Adhesive Tapes for xEV Battery

Performance simplified.

  • Multi-material bonding requires galvanic-isolation of materials, making 3M structural adhesive tapes a great option for bonding in battery cold plates and other areas of xEV battery production and design. This structural-strength adhesive in a tape format helps make production processes simpler, cleaner and more reliable. These adhesive tapes cure at a much lower temperature, allowing for the elimination of the equipment and process steps required for brazing. Easily converted pre-assembly at the Tier, the tapes offer initial tack for robust and accurate die cut positioning without adhesive squeeze-out. Explore structural adhesive tapes for your xEV battery designs, and for design freedom, production efficiency and performance throughout the life of the electric vehicle.

Key benefits for assembly and production

  • product example of 3M structural adhesive tapes for xEV battery
    Cleaner application, less equipment, faster throughput

    Unlike metal fasteners, our structural adhesive tapes allow you to apply uniform structural strength precisely where you need it without punching holes the substrate. Unlike traditional liquid adhesives, our structural adhesive tape features structural adhesive that expands during cure for gap filling and sealing to help prevent corrosion due to the introduction of moisture or galvanic corrosion resulting from contact between dissimilar materials.

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    Reduce surface preparation, even on dissimilar substrates

    Structural adhesive tapes conform uniformly to stamped components, allowing for the reduction or even replacement of metal fasteners and related pre-treatments. In addition to significantly reducing surface preparation, these adhesive tapes allow for electrical isolation of dissimilar substrates. Unlike liquid adhesives, there is very little chance of squeeze-out in channels.

Uniform structural strength, precisely where you need it

  • Structural adhesive tapes can even reinforce the substrate itself, which helps reduce distortion. They can also help eliminate stress concentrations at fastening points, allowing for a smooth, complete and consistent bond.

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Key benefits for the design engineer

3M structural adhesive tapes allow for the use of thinner, lighter-weight and dissimilar substrates in battery trays and other components. They can help reduce or eliminate welds, rivets, bolts or other mechanical fasteners in xEV battery cooling plate design.

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