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3M Thermal Runaway Materials for xEV Battery


Protection in all the right places

Combining our core technologies in ceramics, non-wovens and advanced materials, 3M helps you install powerful thermal runaway and fire propagation protection right where you need it in your xEV battery designs. Additionally, many of our 3M™ Flexible Insulation solutions deliver dielectric strength in battery cases, unlike standard materials designed for preventing thermal runaway and fire propagation. Thin, lightweight 3M thermal runaway materials are available in broad selections and many are customizable to meet exacting OEM and Tier specifications for performance and production efficiency.

  • Our thermal runaway barrier materials are designed specifically to maintain optimal conditions and delay thermal runaway propagation in under-lid and between-cell xEV battery applications.
  • 3M offers a full range of materials recommended specifically to withstand the extreme high temperatures and pressures in xEV battery module lids.

Flame resistance: just part of effective thermal runaway propagation prevention


In one of our 3M labs, we tested a standard 3M branded flame barrier material for exposure to high-temperature flame. As part of the test, we also exposed it to the metal particulates typically present during an xEV battery thermal event.

The results clearly show: to help contain propagation effectively in a real-life event, your xEV battery thermal runaway prevention should always include materials that help withstand flame, pressure and particulates.

Engineered to perform where you need it

3M materials for mitigating thermal runaway and fire propagation are engineered to install and perform within very limited space and are easy to handle.


We supply thermal runaway barrier materials at basis weights according to specific mount gaps and pressures, and encapsulated to work with specific equipment and processes. Our between-cell versions feature excellent compressibility for ease of assembly.

Available solutions while testing for the future

The under-lid versions of our 3M thermal runaway barrier materials are designed to withstand extreme pressures and temperatures in excess of 1200°C. They can be used specifically to direct hot cell effluent gas and particles to prescribed battery vents during a failure.

Several of our materials within the 3M™ Flexible Insulation line add dielectric strength to xEV battery applications, which can help prevent additional damage. 3M™ Flame Barrier (FRB) material, part of the 3M™ Flexible Insulation line, carries a  UL 94-5VA flame rating. It has been tested using a 500 W flame source, which results in a 10 times greater heat release rate compared to the 50 W flame source used for UL 94 V-0 tests.

Partner with us

3M can work with you to provide thermal barrier and fire propagation prevention materials. Our materials are available in a range of basis weights to meet required compression strengths between-cell. For battery pack and module lid applications, our thermal runaway barrier materials, including 3M™ Flexible Insulation and inorganic boards, can help address electrical insulation in xEV battery design.

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