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Car with 3M™ glass exterior solutions

Exterior and Glass Solutions for OEM and Tier

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You strive to add curb appeal. 3M strives to help you make it last throughout the life of the vehicle.

  • Adhesives formulated for a broad range of challenging substrates.
  • Bonding and joining solutions that can take you beyond mechanical fastening.
  • Fit & finish with bond lines that stay true even in harsh environments.
  • Real solutions that help you stay on top of industry trends and add flexibility.
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Exterior Solutions
  • To enable design flexibility, 3M has developed adhesives and tapes that bond almost anywhere on the vehicle. Now you can attach trim, brackets, weatherstrips and more in places you simply couldn’t using traditional fastening methods. Temporary and permanent fastening solutions are highly conformable for sleek, clean bondlines across your entire design.

  • up close application shot of weather strip
    Solutions for sealing: weatherstrips and doors

    This series of 3M tapes has been developed specifically for attaching door seals, weatherstrip and gasket materials like EPDM/TPE* and Santoprene® TPV** to automotive exterior surfaces – instead of punching, drilling and riveting, you can put a continuous adhesive seal between the interior of the vehicle and all the airflow, dust and water outside. You can save weight, too: there’s no need for metal carriers inside strip materials. Many of these tapes feature heat-activated adhesive that forms a durable, consistent and permanent bond with a simple heat-bond laminator.

  • up close shot of red vehicle with 3M bonding attachment solutions on the rear window
    Add new dimensions to your exterior designs

    Without the need for traditional fastening methods, you can say goodbye to drilling, riveting, plastic clips, sink marks and rework. 3M™ Acrylic Foam Tapes and 3M™ Acrylic Plus Tapes feature viscoelastic acrylic foam cores – they’re solid and durable under normal conditions, but they flex like a liquid under high stress loads and they stay bonded through thick and thin. Adhesives have been technically formulated for a wide variety of specific substrates, including the latest low-surface-energy clear coats.

  • design and functional films for automotive
    Discover films for the future of exterior design and production

    From the drawing board to the roll-out, you want to protect and enhance automotive exterior designs that tell your brand story. Whether it’s two–tone designs, exterior trims, or the whole car – you can replace paint processes in areas where they prove costly and inefficient. Think to the future knowing 3M films can guard against environmental weathering and aging. Design freely with the look of stainless steel without spending on the real thing. With 3M Design & Functional Film solutions your possibilities are endless.

  • exterior trim attachment on the exterior of the vehicle
    Primerless attachment is here

    3M™ Acrylic Foam Tapes and 3M™ Acrylic Plus Tapes for Primerless Attachment are formulated for bonding to many challenging substrates and paints – without the time, labor and equipment needed for applying primers and adhesion promoters. These advanced foam core tapes feature pressure-sensitive adhesives specifically formulated for medium- and low-surface-energy substrates.

  • attachment on he sunroofs and moonroofs with 3M bonding and joining solutions
    Simple, effective reclosable holding

    Our 3M™ Dual Lock™ Reclosable Fasteners feature a system of interlocking mushroom-shaped heads that snap closed and stay locked for secure attachment. Dual Lock is excellent for roof panel attachment, sunroof rings and other applications requiring repeated engagement and disengagement of components. Fasteners can be paired for a wide variety of holding strengths, ideal for windshield clips and for positioning of exterior moldings before final adhesion. A variety of backing options are available.

  • Application shot of rain sensor, mirror button and combo bracket attachments
    Bonding sensor brackets

    Attaching sensor and camera brackets to exteriors generally involves punching holes, adding moldings or thicker fascias and often the time and expense of ultrasonic welding. 3M has dedicated solutions. Our 3M™ Acrylic Foam Tapes have been used for automotive exterior attachment for decades, and today their primerless adhesives and viscoelastic foam cores are ideal for placement of sensor brackets all over the vehicle.

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Solutions for Glass
  • The challenge in bonding hardware to automotive glass involves much more than the bond itself. We’re also constantly working to help you improve your process: the assembly time, the steps, the mess, the scrap, the inventory. That means solutions that work for you and with you, from initial standalone bracket-adhesive assembly through autoclave – and beyond. Solutions include semi-structural bonding of mirror buttons, pins, sensor brackets and others, along with temporary hold during cure.

  • Bonding rearview mirror to glass
    3M Tape Attached Hardware fits right in

    This is one of the many ways 3M works with you to eliminate the steps and the challenges of bonding with urethane. 3M™ Structural Bonding Tape is pre-applied to a wide range of hardware including mirror buttons, locator pins, sensor brackets, combo brackets and more. Adhesive bonds quickly to glass without added fixturing. It heat-cures during standard autoclave processes. Learn more about 3M Tape Attached Hardware.

  • exterior trim bonding to glass
    Temporary placement. Permanent benefits

    Help ensure precise and consistent installation. Reduce your chance of rework. 3M provides locator pins with pre-attached 3M™ Acrylic Foam Tape for placing and holding windshields and side glass during urethane curing. Also, our 3M™ Dual Lock™ Reclosable Fasteners feature acrylic adhesive backing and can be specified in a wide range of holding strengths for positioning, repositioning and temporary hold during glass installation.

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Assembly for Exteriors and Glass
  • Decades of experience have allowed us to develop world-class adhesive tapes for automotive exteriors – and features, tools and application support to make applying them faster and more efficient. This includes planetary and level-wounds rolls, easy-release liners suitable for PSA or heat bond tabbing and reinforcement, and branded liners for easy identification. It also includes a wide range of solutions and expertise, from demonstration capabilities in automated and semi-automated manufacturing to manual assembly tools like rollers, liner strip-off tools, stretch laminators, unwind assemblies and many others.

3M Product Solutions for Exterior and Glass

Exterior Bonding Solutions

Products for Bonding to Exteriors

  • This series features an advanced adhesive system developed for excellent adhesion to a wide variety of medium- and low-surface-energy automotive substrates, including scratch- and mar-resistant clear coats, without the need for adhesion promoters or other surface pre-treatments.

  • Specially-constructed tape features a heat-activated adhesive that creates an immediate bond for consistent, gap-free seals on EPDM/TPE and many Santoprene® TPV materials. Pressure-sensitive liner side adhesive is designed for rigid clear coat systems.

  • We developed this tape specifically for attaching rigid exterior trim and other parts to automotive substrates. Different adhesives are applied to each side of the viscoelastic acrylic foam core – one designed for bonding to scratch- and mar-resistant paint systems, the other for bonding to automotive trim and other components. The foam core conforms well even to complex geometries.

  • This selection of tools and equipment has been developed especially for applying automotive tapes and adhesives in automotive manufacturing. It includes spring-loaded dual rollers, T- and L-handle rollers with tunable clutches, stretch laminators, tension and flange unwind assemblies for fast, smooth liner removal without telescoping and many others.

Bonding to Glass Solutions

Products for Bonding to Glass

  • Developed jointly by 3M and OEM or Tier design, these mirror buttons are supplied with bonding tape pre-applied for application and heat curing at the Tier. Hardware and adhesive are compatible with manual and automated manufacturing or available autoclave processes.

  • Quickly attach brackets for rain, humidity control, combo sensors and many others. Exceptionally strong 3M adhesive tape is pre-applied to brackets for efficient application at the Tier. Hardware and adhesive work with manual and automated manufacturing or available autoclave processes.

  • An excellent solution for locating and temporarily holding windshield glass during urethane cure, these locator pins feature pre-applied 3M™ Acrylic Foam Tape. Pressure-sensitive acrylic adhesive provides immediate fixturing.

  • Versatile system features mushroom-shaped interlocking heads that snap closed haptically for a durable bond, yet can be separated and reattached. These durable roll goods and piece parts can be paired for a variety of holding strengths. Dual Lock is also available as 3M™ Dual Lock™ Super Reclosable Fasteners for heavy-duty applications.

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Automotive design and technical expertise on a global scale.

Almost since the first automobiles, 3M has been developing new materials to help our customers create new possibilities. So our world-class design, technical and engineering expertise just comes with the territory. If you have a design in mind, we’ll help you make it happen. If you have a particular bonding and joining challenge, we can help you solve it. Let’s work together on the future of the automobile.

Need Help Finding the Right Solution?

3M is constantly working to meet the evolving challenges of automotive OEM and Tier suppliers worldwide. If you need help finding an existing solution or would like to talk about specific ideas you’re working on, get in touch with us.

  • *Ethylene propylene diene monomer rubber/ thermoplastic elastomers
    **Thermoplastic vulcanizates