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Automotive rear view mirror with electronic display
Create more than a mirror. Create the ultimate user experience.
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eMirror solutions from 3M

Inside or outside of the automobile cabin, the rear-view mirror is becoming a focal point for displaying an array of information to keep drivers safe and informed. More and more, we must answer: what does it take to transform a rear-view mirror into a multi-functional eMirror?

3M can help you enable a seamless transfer between a mirror and a crystal-clear digital display. Our bonding and EMI solutions help create pure design freedom: now, you can place mirror display modules higher on the dashboard, on door panels and A-pillars and across multiple eMirrors. That’s 3M Science, from one end of the eMirror to the other.

Making your eMirrors cooler, brighter, better.

Deliver clearer display information and limit distractions. Control light for enhanced clarity and brightness, reduced heat and higher power efficiency. Maximise signal clarity, in individual eMirror units and across multiple electronics. Expand design possibilities, and improve performance. Keep the entire design solid and stable throughout the life of the vehicle. To get started, choose your challenge below.

Light Management

diagram of 3M solutions for eMirror light managment
3M eMirror light management

Enhance brightness, improve image clarity and increase energy efficiency in your eMirror designs with 3M film technologies.

Learn more about Light Management

eMirror Bonding

diagram of 3M solutions for eMirror bonding and joining
3M eMirror bonding

Apply a longstanding core 3M expertise to your latest eMirror designs for a combination of adhesion, aesthetics and protection of critical components.

Learn more about Display Bonding

Electromagnetic Interference

diagram of 3M solutions for eMirror electromagnetic interference
3M eMirror EMI management

Reduce signal interference from automotive electronics and improve data quality on eMirror displays with 3M EMI solutions.

Learn more about EMI management

Thermal Management

Diagram of 3M solutions for eMirror thermal management concerns
3M eMirror thermal management

Protect printed circuit boards and other eMirror components with heat transfer solutions.

Learn more about Thermal Management

Cushioning and Damping

Diagram of 3M solutions for eMirror cushioning and damping concerns
3M eMirror cushioning and damping

Leverage cushioning and damping foams to help protect sensitive eMirror components from vibration as well as shock and energy impacts.

Learn more about cushioning and damping

A mirror that's way more than a mirror

  • Diagram showing the path of light in electronic mirror display during mirror mode and display mode

    3M Science lets you switch seamlessly from mirror mode to display mode. Delivering clearer, brighter signals and limiting distractions. In full mirror mode, with back light off, 3M™ Reflective Polarizing Mirror film reflects as proficiently as a conventional mirror and because it is optically flat, the image won’t be distorted. When the backlight is on with film and LCD transmission axes aligned, >90% of light is transmitted, significantly boosting the brightness of the image display.

  • Electronic rear view mirror displaying temperature and power gauge
    Seamlessesly improve safety

    Now you can make sure even the mirror is a reflection of the quality of the vehicles you design and produce. While your eMirror designs can deliver safety features such as blind spot monitoring and alerts with a wider field of view, our proprietary technology enables a safe viewing experience. 3M™ Reflective Polarizing Mirror film allows you to create dual-function mirrors and displays that deliver immersive experiences with optimal clarity and brightness.

  • Man looks at his reflection in an auto rear view mirror
    Bonding solutions for spectacular designs

    If you are looking for design flexibility, look no further. 3M offers bonding solutions that enables narrow- to zero bezel designs, allowing you to push the boundaries of styling and delight your customers. Our viscoelastic 3M™ VHB™ Tapes deliver a strong, extremely thin bondline, and feature a foam core which flexes to absorb vibration energy. This is just part of a strong, versatile range of adhesive solutions that resist impact, high temperatures, moisture, cyclical fatigue and more.

  • Electronic Rear view mirror showing image of girl running in parking garage
    Efficiency on bright display

    A combination of core 3M technologies allows you maximise brightness and contrast in your eMirror designs without added power. Our engineered light management films can capture and recycle unused light back into eMirror displays. And optically clear adhesives (OCAs) optimise and maintain the clarity of transparent lenses and display covers.

  • Automobile rear view mirror
    Performance that lasts

    Electromagnetic interference (EMI), heat and vibration can impact the reliability and durability of even your best eMirror designs. Protect your eMirrors with a range of 3M technologies starting from EMI grounding and shielding materials that optimise signal-to-noise ratio to thermally conductive adhesives that help to dissipate heat and thin, lightweight cushioning and damping foams that absorb shock and vibration. Our wide range of proven technologies can help you optimise the performance of your electronic mirror displays to keep critical safety information front and center.

    Learn more about our EMI, thermal management and cushioning solutions.

Tap into 3M’s deep automotive technology by connecting now with the experts who help solve what seems unsolvable.