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When you have served the automotive industry for more than 100 years, you learn a few things about propulsion. You can look to 3M for internal combustion engine (ICE) solutions that enable increased torque and reduced engine size and emission control solutions that meet rapidly changing global requirements. You can also look to us to help find solutions for evolving electric vehicle trends and challenges. Let’s talk about how 3M can help give you the power you need.

  • Enhance your next EV battery and ePowertrain design. 3M can help you tackle tough challenges related to thermal runaway propagation, battery assembly and disassembly, eMotor assembly and more, and optimize your throughput. We combine established, world-class expertise in lithium-ion battery technologies with a century of experience in the automotive industry.

  • Emission control system regulations, such as upcoming Level 7 requirements, are changing rapidly around the world. 3M has been supporting emissions control solutions for more than 45 years with technical expertise, global labs, and local manufacturing. Our team of emission control solution experts can help design a solution that meets your local requirements now and in the future.

  • Internal combustion engines are getting smaller but no less powerful. 3M can help you increase torque, reduce engine size and lighten the load with materials that maintain their strength.

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3M is constantly working to meet the evolving challenges of automotive OEM and Tier suppliers worldwide. If you need help finding an existing solution or would like to talk about specific ideas you’re working on, get in touch with us.