3M™ APC™ Flash Free Adhesive

Revolutionize your bonding with 3M™ APC™ Flash-Free Adhesive.

Bonding is undergoing a revolution. And while the current system of adding adhesive to a bracket works fine, the 3M™ APC™ Flash-Free Adhesive Coated Appliance System works even better—and faster. The system’s next generation, resin-soaked nonwoven mats adhere to the enamel for a more reliable bond that also eliminates the process of flash removal. And with individually sealed technology to prevent cross-contamination, you can assure peace of mind for your patients.

Adhesion. Only where you need it.

Traditional paste adhesives require flash cleanup which can leave uneven adhesive clumps around the edges of brackets, allowing a surface area for food particles to accumulate or plaque to form. Our APC Flash-Free Adhesive forms a smooth meniscus when the adhesive coated bracket is seated, which seals the tooth surface around the edges of the bracket.

Adhesion APC Flash Free Smooth Miniscus Adhesion Traditional Adhesive Uneven

APC Flash-Free Adhesive (pictured left) vs. Traditional Adhesive (pictured right).

Win-win benefits for your practice and your patients.

Leverage a solution that reduces bracket bond failures and leads to increased efficiencies for your practice.

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    Expect dependable performance in your bonding procedures.

    Enamel protection: Flash-free adhesive meniscus protects tooth enamel under the bracket from acid erosion due to microleakage.

    60% fewer bracket bond failures* that can lead to excessive chair time for emergency appointments.

    *JCO bond failure rate – 5% avg. bond failure rate for labial bonding from 2014 report, p. 617.

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    Save time—big time—with APC Flash-Free Adhesive.

    Fewer bonding steps: Five steps vs. 11 when compared to traditional light cure bonding processes, when you use the 3M™ APC™ Flash-Free Adhesive and 3M™ Transbond™ Plus Self Etching Primer.

    40% less bonding time required for bracket placement and clean-up vs. other bonding systems, minimizing patient chair time.

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    Traditional bonding practices can lead to stress for patients and practitioners. Choose an innnovative solution.

    Crafted with care: Innovative, smooth ceramic bracket surfaces and edges are designed for patient comfort.

    Easier debonding: helps to increase patient comfort and decrease appointment length.

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    Simplify processes. Satisfy patients.
    Find out how APC Flash-Free Adhesive helps you reduce uncertainties and increase patient satisfaction.
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    Learn how APC Flash-Free Adhesive revolutionizes orthodontic bonding.

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    Technical Guide.

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It’s time to leave the flash behind.

Explore our featured brackets available precoated with APC Flash-Free adhesive and our comprehensive product portfolio.

Plan treatment with intuitive technology.
Plan treatment with intuitive technology.

With the 3M™ Digital Bonding system you can bond a full arch of 3M brackets all at once. Talk about revolutionary.


Be ready for every procedure.

Discover additional solutions that can help you provide efficient bonding and effective outcomes for your patients.

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