3M™ Clarity™ Ceramic Brackets

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Two ceramic options.

One impressive upgrade.

Designed for esthetic appeal and excellent performance, these bracket options are sure to make you and your patients smile.

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3M™ Clarity™ Advanced Ceramic Brackets

Clarity Advanced Ceramic Brackets offer clear benefits for your patients and your practice. Featuring a rounded, low-profile design, the brackets maximize comfort without sacrificing performance.


Key Benefits

Made with fine-grained ceramic that provides strength in a compact form, Clarity Advanced Ceramic Brackets are an excellent combination of esthetics and performance. They’re also available precoated with time-saving 3M™ APC™ Flash-Free Adhesive.

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    Brilliant esthetics.

    Translucent brackets are designed to blend with the patient's natural tooth color and to resist staining and discoloration throughout treatment.

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    Small but strong.

    Created using fine-grained ceramic material, Clarity Advanced brackets offer trusted strength in a small size and one of the lowest profiles in the industry.

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    Predictable debonding.

    Our unique stress concentrator allows for mesial-distal debonding with a simple squeeze, so you can debond with ease and confidence.

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    Enhanced patient comfort.

    Small, low-profile brackets offer a smooth bracket surface and rounded corners to enhance patient comfort without sacrificing esthetics.

A 3M bracket next to a smiling man with brackets on his teeth

3M™ Clarity™ Ultra Self-Ligating Brackets

With Clarity Ultra brackets, you get the beautiful esthetics, strength, comfort and ease that all Clarity Ceramic brackets embody—plus enhanced benefits for you and your patients, like time-saving and wire-hiding ceramic doors.


Key Benefits

Gain added control, versatility and consistency in your process with Clarity Ultra Self-Ligating Brackets, a top-notch, innovative bracket solution. They’re also available precoated for major time-savings with 3M™ APC™ Flash-Free Adhesive.

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    The wide, ceramic self-ligating door helps make ligating quicker. Plus, hooks on cuspids and bicuspids for Class II elastic use.

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    Designed to permit single or double ligation, or ligation with chains. Generous under-tiewing area on all brackets to help make bracket active on demand.

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    Wide ceramic door for stability and consistency. Assists rotational control with a broad mesial-distal span.

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    In addition to being translucent, barely visible ceramic brackets, they also have a ceramic door that hides the metal wire, for an even brighter smile.

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