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Prevention for orthodontic patients

Protecting teeth from white spot lesions? Child’s play!

Effective prevention of white spot lesions starts in your orthodontic office

White spot lesions are common side effects during orthodontic treatment and can have a lasting negative impact. That’s why strengthening the teeth on a regular basis is highly important. If that sounds complicated – it isn’t! 3M provides you with a solution that offers the desired effect.

  • 3M Clinpro White Varnish product

    Protection for everyone

    3M™ Clinpro™ White Varnish offers proven protection and supports the remineralisation of tooth structure.¹ It releases fluoride, calcium and phosphate –components naturally found in saliva – and stays on the teeth 24 hours for effective prevention of demineralisation effects leading to white spots and caries.²

Other preventive solutions

Would you like to recommend a toothpaste that offers additional protection? Or protect the tooth from the start?

  • 3M™ Clinpro™ Tooth Crème Anti-cavity toothpaste with fTCP is a perfect choice. 3M™ Clinpro™ Tooth Crème Anti-cavity toothpaste releases fluoride, calcium and phosphate and when used twice per day, this product repairs early lesions by remineralising throughout the lesion—not just on the surface.³

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Prevention protocol for orthodontic patients

Learn more about our preventive products and their use in orthodontic treatment!

- Fluoride, calcium and phosphate release
- Easy application
- Effective demineralisation protection

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    Taking Preventive Measures for Orthodontic Patients

      Every orthodontist knows that his or her patients with brackets or clear aligners are at an elevated risk for caries. Orthodontic brackets trap caries-producing material and make thorough self-care difficult, especially for younger patient groups who may not be particularly focused on oral hygiene. Also, excessive etching can make the tooth more susceptible to demineralisation.

      Clear aligners come with their own set of problems, as wearing the devices for 22 hours per day limits the natural cleansing and neutralising effects of saliva.

      With a combined effort from both the oral health team and the patient, negative results including white spot lesions and caries can be prevented, resulting in a positive treatment experience for all involved and lifelong benefits for the patient.


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  1. 3M Oral Care internal data. Clinpro White Varnish is a fluoride-containing varnish for application to enamel and dentin for support in remineralization, support in the prevention of caries and the treatment of hypersensitive teeth. Clinpro White Varnish protects from demineralization. Clinpro White Varnish protects from white spot lesions. Claim number 7067.
  2. 3M Oral Care internal data. Fluoride varnishes will continue to release fluoride ions into the mouth for about 24 hours. Claim number 3370.
  3. 3M Oral Care internal data. Clinpro Tooth Creme remineralizes throughout white spot/early lesions, from the surface throughout the body of the lesion, as shown in laboratory studies. Claim Number 5142.