• Incognito™ Appliance System Enhancements

    Incognito™ Appliance System Enhancements

    Incognito™ Clear Precision Tray*

    • Successful Outcomes

      Successful Outcomes Begin with a Precise ‘Start’

      The Incognito™ Clear Precision Tray is an indirect bonding tray that is built by using the same digital data created for bracket design. The result is more accurate placement of the brackets. The tray allows for easy visual control during the bonding process, and can be cut and used for accurately replacing individual brackets.

      What Doctors are Saying:

      “It has an excellent fit, it was very easy to use and very easy to handle for the assistants.” “It is more precise than previously used silicon tray. It gives the best visibility during the bonding procedure, 100% complete seating in the dentition, easy to remove after bonding procedure.”

      Learn more about the Incognito Clear Precision Tray.

    Low Profile Brackets

    • Low Profile Brackets

      The Lowest Profile System Just Got Lower

      A new bracket design makes the lowest profile system brackets even lower, while bringing the slot closer to the tooth axis at the same time. The design integrates the posterior slot further into the bracket pad for even greater patient comfort, without compromising on ease of ligation. The bracket slot for the bicuspids and molars is moved an average of 0.3 mm closer to the tooth surface, bringing more freedom to the tongue and improving biomechanics.

      See the advantages of low profile lingual brackets.

    The Splint for Incognito™ Light Appliance System*

    • Incognito™ Lite Appliance System

      More Posterior Anchorage for the Incognito™ Lite Appliance System

      Add the splint to Incognito™ Lite System cases for even more assurance of keeping the posterior segment intact.* The split was developed to prevent accidental movement on the 4. The “arm” connecting the pads from the 4 to the 5 is flexible, to reduce the risk of debonding during normal wear.

      What Doctors are Saying:

      “The new Splint for the Incognito™ Lite Appliance allows for a more efficient correction of minor anterior malocclusions. This innovative anchorage device prevents unwanted side effects that occur with all other social six systems. With the addition of the splint to the Incognito system we now have a complete, robust armamentarium of lingual solutions.”

      Get more assurance with the splint for Incognito Lite System cases.

    Forsus™ Class II Correctors and Incognito™ Appliances*

    • Effective and Efficient Class II Correction

      Working Together to Provide Effective and Efficient Class II Correction

      Incognito™ Appliances and Forsus™ Class II Correctors are coming together to offer more customization for your case requirements. Now available is a lower arch attachment that is 100% customized.* The Incognito System with Forsus Device features a special archwire sequence and is available for either Forsus™ EZ2 or L-pin Modules. This provides a compliance-free treatment option for Class II patients.

      What Doctors are Saying:

      “The Coil spring makes the device smooth and gentle, and even the Forsus appliance is softer, less visible, more comfortable, easier to manage.” “Comfortable for the patient.” … “It is easy to bond.”

      Take on Class II cases Forsus Class II Correctors for lingual treatment.

      *Available in select markets.