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3M™ Coban™ 2 Layer Compression System 3M™ Coban™ 2 Comfort Layer 3M™ Coban™ 2 Compression Layer 3M™ Coban™ 2 Lite Comfort Layer
Image showing legs wrapped in 3M Coban 2 layer compression system
Compression Systems
  • 3M Coban 2 Layer Compression Systems

    Comfortable, Therapeutic Compression Systems

    • 3M™ Coban™ 2 Compression Systems are designed to deliver comfortable, therapeutic compression for the treatment of venous leg ulcers, lymphoedema and other conditions where compression therapy is appropriate.

    • Coban 2 compression system (in the purple packaging) provides high compression (35-40mmHg) and is ideal for treating the majority of patients with ABPI greater than or equal to 0.8.

    • Coban 2 Lite compression system (in the green packaging) provides the same working dynamics as the original, with a 25% reduced resting pressure, making it a safe, comfortable and effective option for patients less tolerant of compression therapy1.

    • 1. Junger M, Haase H, Ladwig A, Schwenke L, Bichel J, Schuren J. Compression therapy in patients with peripheral arterial occlusive disease: A prospective clinical study with the 3M™ Coban™ 2 Layer Lite Compression System for ABPI > 0.5. Data on files at 3M. 2010.


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