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Scotch-Brite™ Surface Conditioning Low Stretch Belt SC-BL, 50 mm x 2000 mm, A CRS, Brown

Part Number 5464483M ID 7000068145UPC 04001895545771
  • Provides beautiful and consistent finish
  • Long life
  • Resists loading
  • Very forgiving
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General Industry, Marine, Metalworking, MRO, Transportation & Heavy Equipment
Mineral Type
Aluminium Oxide
Overall Length (Metric)
2000 mm
Overall Width (Metric)
50 mm
Pack Quantity
Product Form
Smallest Saleable Unit
Product Details
  • Provides beautiful and consistent finish
  • Long life
  • Resists loading
  • Very forgiving
  • Low-stretch reinforced backing keeps the abrasive side taut and firm as it abrades the surface
  • Stretch-resistant backing

For cleaning, finishing and light deburring use our durable and flexible Scotch-Brite™ Surface Conditioning Low Stretch Belt. Our belts offer effective cutting, while avoiding damage to substrates and are ideal for use on contoured and uneven surfaces. The belts perform best on steel, stainless steel, carbon, titanium, nickel alloys and may be used on aluminium, copper, brass and soft non-ferrous metals. They’re available in a wide range designed to suit a variety of different applications. Scotch-Brite Surface Conditioning Low Stretch belts are engineered with aluminium oxide and silicon carbide minerals. They are available in a variety of combinations, including: aluminium oxide medium (A MED), aluminium oxide very fine (A VFN), aluminium oxide coarse (A CRS), silicon carbide medium (S MED), silicon carbide super fine (S SFN) and silicon carbide very fine (S VFN). Aluminium oxide cuts softer but lasts longer than silicon carbide. It's ideal for use when a soft scratch is desirable, such as on softer metals or where gouging and undercutting are a main concern. For a coarser more aggressive cut, silicon carbide is a good choice. Our finer grades provide finer finishes, while medium or coarse grades provide coarser finishes. Our belts are designed for use in low stretch applications, when a standard scrim belt is stretching on the machine, or when less conformability is desired. They are resistant to wear and sharp edges and are useful in a variety of industries, from transport to metal fabrication. Choose from a variety of belt types, from file to narrow to portable to pump sleeve and wide and flat finishing. Tools, surface area, contours and dimensions of the piece to be worked on should all be considered when choosing a belt. Narrow belts are commonly used in benchstand and backstand applications. Pump sleeves are fitted around expander wheels and used for finishing large equipment that can’t be moved. Open web Scotch-Brite industrial abrasives are unique

A non-woven belt used for cleaning, finishing, blending and deburring applications. The firm, stretch-resistant backing is suited for high belt tensions.

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