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The power of motivation

Bring new ideas to life with Post-it® Products

  • Whether you’re working on a project, pursuing a goal or realising a dream, the creative buzz you get from transforming your ideas into realities is intoxicating. You relax into a rhythm, you get in the zone, and something new begins to take shape before your very eyes. The power of seeing an idea travel out of your imagination into the real world is proof that what we do changes the world around us.

    Seeing a project through is a dynamic process, complete with its own unique ups and downs, and starts and stops. Bringing new ideas to life requires that we stay flexible enough to meet each new challenge on its own terms, to stand our ground against the unexpected. It’s all too easy to let our desire to maintain constant perfection obstruct our ability to adapt to whatever comes our way. Because of that, we all need a way to stay anchored, and remember what our project is all about so we can continue moving forward.

    Fortunately, the most powerful tool for keeping yourself on track is also one of the simplest: a little bit of friendly motivation. Even the boldest go-getters among us get a boost of confidence when they know other people are in their corner. It may not seem like much, but the words of encouragement we offer one another add up, because they remind us of the value of all our hard work.

    We believe Post-it® Products are the ideal tools for turning your thoughts into actions: sharable, movable, stickable ways to get a reassuring message out into the world.


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