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Tips for Managing a Busy Schedule

Top tips for managing busy schedules with Post-it® Notes

Some simple tips to help you stay on schedule and achieve your daily goals.

  • A busy schedule is part of modern life, no matter who you are. Between studying, extra-curricular activity, and social events, it’s hard to keep track of everything that’s going on. But with handy Post-it® Products, and a determination to make your mark on the world, you can handle it all — and more.

    Tips for Managing a Busy Schedule - create a home base for your schedule

  • 1. Create a central base for your schedule

    The trick to making a busy schedule work is to put it all in one place first. Get yourself a planner and make it the exclusive place for writing down everything that’s going on. Highlight key times and dates with Post-it® Index Arrows to help you keep an eye on your most important commitments. Then, add key details with Post-it® Page Markers, which give you plenty of room if you’ve just got a lot to remember. With a little extra help from Post-it® Products, your planner will help you to see everything at first glance, so you can keep the bigger picture while staying on top of every minor detail.

    Tips for Managing a Busy Schedule - color code your commitments

  • 2. Colour-code your commitments

    If you love bright colours, this is going to be fun. Post-it® Super Sticky Notes 76mm x 76mm are available in a whole rainbow of colours. So keep them handy when planning your schedule. Choose different colours for extra-curriculars, school, and leisure (or whatever categories you need). You'll then see at a glance what’s going on every day, and where you need to focus your attention. Try it, and you’ll soon see how effective colours are in helping to organise your life.

  • 3. Move things around

    Most schedules are subject to change, quite often at a moment’s notice. Sound familiar? Post-it® Super Sticky Notes 76mm x 76mm can help you to stay on top of whatever life throws at you. Keep your appointments written on Post-it® Super Sticky Notes, so they can easily be reshuffled when plans change. It's a simple solution, but one which offers the flexibility you need to keep your calendar up-to-date. Plus, it keeps everything looking neat and organised!

    Tips for Managing a Busy Schedule - remind yourself to follow through

  • 4. Remind yourself to stick to your appointments

    Keeping your calendar organised and accurate is all well and good, but it counts for little if you don’t actually follow it. Remind yourself to stick to your appointments with Post-it® Super Sticky Notes 76mm x 76mm. Leave them in key places where they won't be missed. Try writing your most important schedule items on Post-it® Super Sticky Notes the night before, then stick them where they’re most likely to remind you of your commitments the following day. It might be on your laptop, your mirror, or the front door — whatever it takes. Now your reminders will be waiting for you the next morning, and if you need to bring them along, go ahead — they’ll stick again!

    It may not be easy, but when you’re master of your schedule, you’ll feel like you’ve got the power to do anything. And every day you stay on top of it, you’ll know you’re one day closer to achieve your dreams. After all, your schedule exists for a reason. It’s part of who you are, and it’s how you make your mark on the world.


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