Get the Post-it® Z-Notes reflex

Get the Post-it® Z-Notes reflex

Fast note taking made automatic!

  • Good notes are worth sharing quickly

    Make a note whenever with the Post-it Z-Notes dispenser. It’s right there on your desk, where you need it most.

Get the Post-it® Z-Notes reflex
  • Get the Post-it® Z-Notes reflex
    This is note-taking made fast. Work and take notes at the same time, with one hand for the phone, and one hand for taking down all the notes you need.
  • Get the Post-it® Z-Notes reflex
    Note taking made even faster. Once the note dispenser is in place on your desk, your hand will automatically grab a Post-it Note whenever you need one. That’s the Z-Notes reflex.
  • Get the Post-it® Z-Notes reflex
    Seriously, note-taking doesn’t get any faster than this, a speedy system that puts your next note straight into the starting blocks. Simply pull a Post-it Z-Note from the dispenser, and the next note will instantly be ready.
Get the Post-it® Z-Notes reflex

Get a free Post-it® Z-Notes dispenser

Choose the Z-Notes dispenser which best fits your unique style and get it for free!

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Get the note-taking reflex

Get the note-taking reflex

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