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About visual hacking

Learn how to prevent visual privacy issues.

  • Learn more about visual privacy data issues. See how quickly and easily a visual hacker can obtain sensitive information and learn about potential visual hacking key risk areas.

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  • 3M and Management Today brought together a selection of industry experts to discuss the key issues relating to information security and in particular, visual privacy and data security.

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  • Visual hacker sneaking a peek at a monitor in a healthcare setting
    Privacy in your industry.

    Learn more about the unique considerations in your industry for upholding visual privacy in today's modern, mobile business environment.

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  • Keep up to date with important security and visual privacy news. Get access to articles, videos and animations. 3M – a trusted resource to help keep you informed.

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Prevent visual hacking

Encouraging awareness of visual privacy in the workplace and equipping screens with 3M Privacy Filters is a great way to help reduce the risk of visual hacking.

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    Keep visual hackers in the dark

    3M Privacy Filters use advanced microlouver technology to block unwanted side views, while providing a crisp, clear view for the intended user.

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  • Data Security Study

    3M and Management Today brought together a selection of data security industry experts to discuss the key issues relating to information security and in particular, visual data security.

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  • Illustration of person looking at screens in an office
    Anyone can be a visual hacker.

    How many visitors and contractors walk through your office every day? Even your own employees may be able to see sensitive information.

  • Illustration of a person looking at screens in an open office environment
    Open office designs are prime targets.

    The low walls and shared spaces in many contemporary open office environments mean more screens are visible to more people.

  • Illustration of person looking through a glass office wall
    Be aware of shared areas and glass walls.

    Canteens, staffrooms, break rooms, conference rooms, glass walls and open doors are all prime targets for prying eyes.

  • Infographic about how 59 percent of employees take their jobs outside the office
    59% [3] of employees work outside the office.

    Think outside the box. In today’s modern, mobile business environment, having a visual privacy plan is more vital than ever.

    [3] Visual Data Breach Risk Assessment Study * 2010. People Security Consulting Services.

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